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Factors influencing how ?Investment Oriented? an organization Q1-5 and Q23-25 Q27-30




1Factors influencing how ?Investment Oriented? an organization is does not include;a. an attitude toward risk.;b. the impact of technology.;c. the principle of utilitarianism.;2. Employers favor telecommuting since it;a. helps reduce turnover.;b. eliminates overtime costs.;c. creates more supervisor-employee relationships.;3. Today?s workforce is very diverse. The generation that fails to see the need to work from an office or for a particular employer, opting for more transient and variable project work is;a. Generation X.;b. Generation Y.;c. Baby Boomers.;4. A difficult and generally limited document to construct but one of the most important in creating an organization?s strategy is it?s;a. Code of Ethics.;b. mission statement.;c. core competencies.;5. All of the following are barriers to strategic HR EXCEPT;a. HR managers often have insufficient general management training to understand the entire organization;b. is that in most organizations adopt a short-term mentality and focus on current performance.;c. budget shortfalls creates the lack of planning and strategizing.;23. Many companies are having employees sign _____________________ agreements to ensure that the work developed by its employees stays with the employer when the employee leaves.;a. noncompete;b. a patent statement;c. intrapreneurship clause;24. There are four powerful principles for a high-performance work system (HPWS) to become successful. Which principle is critical for the success of empowerment and involvement initiatives in the organization?;a. Principle of Egalitarianism;b. Principle of Shared information;c. Principle of Knowledge development;25. In Hofstede?s model of cultural differences among countries which country focuses more on individualism than collectivism?;a. Greece;b. Japan;c. Italy;26. A feminine society is one that emphasizes;a. assertiveness and achievement.;b. achievement and interpersonal relationships.;c. interpersonal relationships and welfare of others.;27. In Hall?s studies of how cultures communicate in terms of silent ?languages? a culture that signifies power, success, and status is the considered to be the language of;a. agreement.;b. friendships.;c. material goods.;28. High-performance work systems usually begin with how the work is designed. To help designing work reengineering is one process as well as ______________________.;a. the Balanced Scorecard (BSC);b. a Resource-based view (RBV);c. Total Quality Management (TQM);29. In developing a HPWS companies such as Shell Canada, Nortel Networks and Honeywell pay employees based on the number of different job skills they have. This is an example of;a. skill-based pay plans.;b. an all salaried workforce.;c. gainsharing or profit-sharing plans.;30. A valuable partner in implementing a HPWS;a. are line managers.;b. is the HR function.;c. is the CEO or senior managers.


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