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Training Program Implementation;Resources;Training Program Implementation Scoring Guide.;Capella Undergraduate Online Writing Center: APA Style and Format.;Creating personalized development plans is important for all employees at all levels within an organization. For this assignment, you will create a personal development plan for DNA's president based on the following scenario.;Scenario;You have distributed a 360-degree feedback rating form to the DNA employees. The results of the feedback show that the president is highly regarded by the majority of employees. They respect his willingness to be a team player and feel that his support will increase their motivation to meet company goals. However, the feedback also reveals that the president insists on being involved in every step of the product development process. Employees feel that his need for control often causes them to miss milestones. Obviously, for the current initiative to be successful, the president needs to both maintain his strong presence while relinquishing some control to the project managers. If not, the company may not achieve its goal of 90 percent on-time product delivery.;Complete the following;Review the Training Program Implementation Scoring Guide to ensure that you have met the requirements for this assignment. Review the project description for background about DNA and the project.;Use the development planning activities as listed in Activities in Using 360-Degree Feedback for Development (Table 9.6). of the Noe text to create a development plan to help the president change his behavior.;Submit your plan in the assignment area.


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