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Read the following two articles and do some of your own additional research on Zipcar.;Tice., C. (2012) Zipcar: Two Moms, a Business Idea and $68 in the Bank,,;Zipcar Expands in Sacramento Becoming 26th Major Metro Market: Based on strong demand, Zipcar increases number of vehicles, will open office (Nov. 6, 2013) PR Newswire (available on Proquest);Zipcar (July 11, 2012) World's Leading Car Sharing Network Continues European Expansion in Top Growth Market,;Now suppose you have been hired by Zipcar to come up with a international strategic plan. Write a 4- to 5-page strategic plan for Zipcar that addresses the following issues;Should Zipcar expand into other countries beyond the current five countries that they operate in? If so, which countries should they enter first?;What kind of strategy should they use? For example: multidomestic, international, global, transnational, or other?


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