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UMUC BMGT464 week 7 activities




earning Activity #1;Stress is a pervasive and often destructive part of our working lives as we deal with deadlines, balance our work and personal lives, and deal with the today?s economic pressures. We often wonder if the level of stress in our lives has increased or if we are just more aware of it. Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University has studied this phenomenon and has some answers for us.;Go to and view the video in the upper right corner to hear Professor Williams? thoughts. Then, go to for the stress test.;After taking the test, create an original post to share your stress level. In addition, drawing on the material in the text, identify the top three stressors in your life and suggest several courses of action you can take to reduce the level of stress affecting you. Remember to respond to at least two of your colleagues.;Learning Activity #2;We are approaching the end of the course and your final project is due in Week 8. so we are going to go a bit easy on this week?s learning activities. In order to help you get started on your project, make an initial posting identifying which of the organizations you intend to analyze. In addition, include a brief proposed outline and a list of what you think are the critical issues facing the organization from an OB perspective. You will be doing additional research during the next two weeks, so you will not be held to these items, but they should give you a headstart on the paper. Remember to respond constructively to two of your peers, offering suggestions as to how they might improve their analysis or offering additional items to consider.


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