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You are required to find 3 audit reports (for the...




You are required to find 3 audit reports (for the year ended 2011) different companies from the following countries: a. Kuwait b. USA c. Europe You need to examine the following information: 1- The Type of audit report ? Unqualified ? standard wording ? Unqualified - explanatory paragraph ? Unqualified - modified wording ? Qualified ? opinion only ? Qualified ? scope and opinion ? Disclaimer ? Adverse 2- The reason behind the departure (if any) from the standard unqualified audit report (in case of audit report other than Unqualified). 3- Discuss the differences among the 3 audit reports. (talk about every paragraph from the title to the signature) i have attached the 3 audit reports and my solution but i couldn't complete the assignment if you could please complete it for me. Porsche audit report on page 235 Americana audit report on page 51 Starbuck audit report on page 83


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