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Please answer the following questions giving all details.;1. The bar chart, pie chart, and the Pareto diagram for the estimated green power sales by;renewable energy source in 2008 are given below. Based on this information, what conclusions;can you reach about the sources of green power?;Bar Chart;Wind;Unreported;e;c;r;u;o;S;Solar;Landfill mass and biomass;Hydro;Geothermal;0;10;20;30;40;50;60;Pie C;hart Geothermal;3%;Hydro;11%;Landfill mass;and biomass;28%;Wind;55%;Solar;0%;Unreported;3%;Pareto Diagram;d;t;o;p;e;r;n;U;m;r;h;t;o;e;G;l;a;s;m;l;i;f;d;n;a;L;s;a;m;o;i;b;o;r;d;y;H;r;a;l;o;S;100%;90%;80%;70%;60%;50%;40%;30%;20%;10%;0%;W;d;n;i;60%;50%;40%;30%;20%;10%;0%;S;ource;Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2008.;2. The following data gives the price (in dollars) of a product from different online vendors;1;70 74 94 124 162 94 80 60 151 57 57 88 141 90 81;a. Place the data into an ordered array.;b. Construct a stem- and- leaf display.;c. Around what value, if any, is the price concentrated? Explain.;3. Solve the following problem by doing hand calculations. Please do not use Excel or any other;computer software.;The following data represents the overall miles per gallon (MPG) of mid-sized sedans.;27 31 36 28 34 27 29 32 32 24;a. Compute the mean, median, first quartile, and third quartile.;b. Compute the variance, standard deviation, range, interquartile range, coefficient of variation;and Z scores.;c. Are the data skewed? If so, how?;d. Based on the results of (a) through (c), what conclusions can you reach concerning the miles;per gallon of mid-sized sedans?;Notes;- Homework 2 is due by midnight Saturday, February 16th.;- Please include all details and steps performed to find your answers. Just writing the final;answers will not get you full credit.


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