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Staryer Bus Ethics 309 Quiz 4 - Ch.4 and Ch.5 (2014)




Course Business Ethics 309;Test Quiz 4 (Ch4) & (Ch5);Question 1;5 out of 5 points;How many Americans believe that ?if you work hard enough, you'll make it??;Question 2;5 out of 5 points;Which statement accurately describes capitalism?;Question 3;5 out of 5 points;According to one survey of cultural values;Question 4;5 out of 5 points;Evidence for the idea that American manufacturing is declining is;Question 5;0 out of 5 points;Marxism states;Question 6;0 out of 5 points;Rather than strong work ethic, a common attitude is;Question 7;5 out of 5 points;Which of the following historical stages of capitalism came first?;Question 8;5 out of 5 points;A basic premise of Adam Smith's invisible hand argument is;Question 9;5 out of 5 points;Karl Marx believed that;Question 10;5 out of 5 points;The concept of the "invisible hand" means;Question 11;0 out of 5 points;The profit motive;Question 12;5 out of 5 points;For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, less than _____ percent of the American workforce was employed by manufacturing.;Question 13;5 out of 5 points;The Fugger dynasty was an example of;Question 14;5 out of 5 points;Though many jobs are outsourced, most economists believe;Question 15;5 out of 5 points;An assessment of work in America is;Question 16;5 out of 5 points;Kenneth Arrow discussed two important situations in which profit maximization can be socially inefficient. One of these occurs when;Question 17;0 out of 5 points;Which of the following contributed to the more relaxed incorporation procedures of modern times?;Question 18;5 out of 5 points;The best statement concerning corporations is;Question 19;5 out of 5 points;The debate over corporate moral agency hinges on which issue?;Question 20;5 out of 5 points;The ?rules of the game? for corporate work are intended to;Question 21;5 out of 5 points;Melvin Anshen suggests that there is a relationship between business and society which he termed as;Question 22;0 out of 5 points;Corporations differ from partnerships and other forms of business association in two ways. One of these is that;Question 23;5 out of 5 points;A common point of contention about corporations is;Question 24;0 out of 5 points;The idea that corporations are moral agents;Question 25;5 out of 5 points;Milton Friedman?s perspective is that the only social responsibility of a business is to;Question 26;5 out of 5 points;Those with a broader view concerning business obligations believe that with power comes;Question 27;0 out of 5 points;Which of the following is one of the three arguments in favor of narrow corporate social responsibility discussed in Chapter 5?;Question 28;Adam Smith proposed that in our pursuit of economic interests we are led by;Question 29;5 out of 5 points;The first corporations;Question 30;0 out of 5 points;Most Americans believe a corporation?s top obligation is to its


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