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Case Discussion Questions;Prada: To IPO or Not to IPOThat is the Question (Again);1) At the time of the case, what is the current and future outlook for the luxury goods market segment? What has been Pradas growth, and how is Prada positioned in this market (again, at the time of the case)?;2) Why do companies (in general) wish to raise capital outside of their home markets? What are the costs which must be weighed? Why is Prada interested in raising capital (capital generally---debt or equity) at this time? That is, why not rely on internal sources of funding?;3) What is your view on whether Prada should raise funds in debt or equity? Why? What are the (general) costs and benefits of the two ways of raising capital?;4) If Prada were to raise money in the debt markets, what choices would it have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different debt choices?;5) If Prada wished to consider raising equity rather than debt, what choices would it have? What are the advantages & disadvantages of the different alternatives it faces? Does the country matter? Does the type of investor matter?;6) What would you recommend Prada do? Do you think the lessons of this case translate broadly to other types of companies?


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