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Comprehensive Case Analysis based on the course material Description Your instructor will assign a major publicly traded corporation from a nonregulated industry where you can obtain complete financial statements for the most recent 5 years. The instructor will post the company in the Announcements section by the end of Unit 1. The company that has been selected for you to study for your final project is "International Game Technology" Ticker "IGT" . This is a NYSE traded company that produces gaming machines for the casino industry. Let's really dig into this company and find out how it ticks. Based on these statements and other information you will prepare a financial statement analysis report. You will work on this project throughout the term. Do not wait until the last week to begin. Directions For your Term Project, turn to page 648 in our textbook, and complete the assignment under Case CC-1, Comprehensive Financial Analysis. The final analysis should be set up as a research paper with the following sequence: ? Cover page with your name, course number, your instructor, date, subject, and a brief statement that you (and you alone) produced the paper and all references are mentioned. ? Executive Summary (max. ? page in Bold) ? Table of Contents ? Introduction ? Body (8-12 pages) ? Conclusion and Recommendation(s) ? References Submit your Final Project by the end of Unit 9.


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