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BUSN Assignment 1: Course Project?Understanding Creative Capitalism




In this assignment, you will examine the concept of creative capitalism. Bill Gates;cofounder and chairperson of Microsoft Corporation, advocates that in addition to;seeking profits, corporations should also become social entrepreneurs in order to help;solve social problems. He has called this creative capitalism. Gates argues the desire to;help others who are less fortunate should be as powerful a motivator as increasing profits;for businesses today.;Read the transcript or conduct a search for the video of Bill Gates speech at the 2008;World Economic Forum;Gates, B. (2008). Bill Gates2008World Economic ForumCreative;Capitalism. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Retrieved from;;Review the following;General Electric (GE). (2011). Citizenship. Retrieved from;;Walmart Corporate. Community and Giving. Retrieved from;;Using your textbook, online library resources, and the Internet, research the concept of;creative capitalism. Select at least three references for use in your assignment (one may;be your textbook).;Complete the following;Explain free market capitalism;Describe creative capitalism;Explain the three advantages of creative capitalism in relation to businesses;Explain the concept of corporate social responsibility using two examples of socially responsible companies. Clearly and concisely support your examples and explain why these companies are considered socially responsible.;Comment on Gates creative capitalism. Do you think that creative capitalism can become the future of capitalism in the U.S.? Justify your response with examples and research.;Give reasons and illustrative examples in support.;Write a 56-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


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