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AIRBUS -TOWS Matrix*******




IRBUS -TOWS Matrix;Strength;?Strong leadership;?Innovative workforce within airbus industry;?Risk taking culture;?New emergence of technologies;Weakness;?Most of the industries are in US and Middle East;?Fuel high price for airbus;?High cost in R & D;Opportunities;?Outside Airbus industry establishment;?Understanding Customer;?Export Airbus to other countries;SO strategies;?Financial strength??;?More research and development work;?Meeting the customer requirements while production of airbuses??;WO strategies;?International expansion;?Reducing energy consumption in the airbus;Threats;?Increased completion;?Less fuel sources;ST strategies;?Capitalization;?Alliances;WT strategies;?Importing fuel from the countries of Middle East;Include some discussion of the most important strategies that emerge from the TOWS matrix.


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