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Is a wireless network the answer to avoiding the problems of wired LANs?




1. (TCO 9);A. Describe the three major network topologies: bus, ring, and star.;B. Is a wireless network the answer to avoiding the problems of wired LANs?;2. (TCO 6);A. Given a large array named intAgeArray, use a loop to set the value of each element in the array to the value of the subscript (index) of the element. For example, if the first element is set to the value 0, the second element would be set to the value 1, and so on.;B. Write a Visual Basic statement to sort the elements in the inAgeArray.;3. (TCO 2);A. Discuss why it is important to validate user input.;B. Describe how you would use the TryParse() function to determine if a user entry in a textbox consists of only numeric characters.;4. (TCO 3);A. Define scope. Describe three different types of scope that a variable can have.;B. Define lifetime. What is the lifetime of a variable with each scope you listed in Part A of this question?;1. (TCO 2) You recently accepted the position as secretary of your miniature train club. You are surprised to learn that all the records are kept on 3x5 cards. Your first project is to transfer the data on the cards to a database. After that is complete, you want to be able to display all the items in the database. To that end, use the space below to define a class that will store a member's name, the name of the item, and the name of the manufacturer. Be sure to restrict access to these variables to methods that belong to the class. At this time, the only method you need to define for your class is a method to create a message box to display the member's name and the item's name and manufacturer. Set the caption of the message box to the name of the club (you name it). Each item should be displayed on a separate line. For example, the message box for a member's item could look like the following.;Member's Name: Sam Bradley;Name of item: Boxcar;Manufacturer: Lionel;2. (TCO 5);A. You are asked to create a form with a textbox named txtAge, a label named lblResult, and a button named btnOK. In the space below, write the Visual Basic code to be placed in the button-click event handler. After your code declares variables and retrieves the age entered by the user, create a three-alternative selection statement that;sets a string named strResult to "Yes" if the age value entered by the user is less than 21;sets a string named strResult to "No" if the age value entered by the user is greater than 21, and;sets a string named strResult to "Maybe" if the age value entered by the user is 21.;The last step is to display the result string in the label.;B. What will be the Handles clause at the end of the sub procedure? (Points: 15);3. (TCO 3) You have a friend who lives near the Canadian border and makes road signs. He is often asked to make signs that specify distance in miles and kilometers. His boss gives him only the number of miles, and he must convert miles to kilometers. When he complains about using a calculator for the conversion, you tell him that, because you completed BIS311, you are confident that you can build an application to help him. Your application will input the number of miles, calculate the number of kilometers, and then display the number of kilometers. You will use a constant to store the miles-to-kilometers conversion factor.;A. In the space given below, list each control element that your form will need. Provide the following information about each control element, separated by commas;the Control type, the control's Name property (using a naming convention), and the event.;Note: your answer will be more readable if you separate each control element with a blank line.;B. Declare each variable and constant that the form's event handler sub procedure will need. The miles-to-kilometer conversion factor is 1.609344. Assume that all values will have a fractional part.;You do not need to do any calculations. Use an appropriate naming convention in your answer. (Points: 15)


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