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POST BUS411 Lululemon Case Study




Lululemon Case Study;Review the closing case on Lululemon at the end of Chapter 5 in your textbook. Post your answers to the following questions on the discussion board. Cite appropriate business-level strategy concepts to support your answers. (At least one substantive paragraph on each question required, plus at least two comments on classmates? posts. Copy each question with your answer.);1. How would you describe Lululemon?s market segmentation strategy? Who do you think are Lululemon?s typical customers?;2. What generic business-level strategy is Lululemon pursuing? Does this strategy give it an advantage over its rivals in the athletic clothing business? If so, how?;3. In order to successfully implement its business level strategy, what does Lululemon need to do at the functional level? Has the company done these things?;4. How might the marketing and product missteps cited in the case impact upon Lululemon?s ability to successfully execute its business-level strategy? What should Lululemon do to make sure that it does not make similar mistakes going forward?


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