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The Move-It Company has two plants producing forklift trucks that then are shipped to three distribution;centers. The production costs are the same at the two plants, and the cost of shipping for each truck is;shown for each combination of plant and distribution center;A total of 60 forklift trucks are produced and shipped per week. Each plant can produce and ship any;amount up to a maximum of 50 trucks per week, so there is considerable flexibility on how to divide the;total production between the two plants so as to reduce shipping costs. However, each distribution center;must receive exactly 20 trucks per week.;Managements objective is to determine how many forklift trucks should be produced at each plant, and;then what the overall shipping pattern should be to minimize total shipping cost;a) The mathematical formulation;Please show all work. All the constrains, objective equation, labelsetc more info the better.;?;b) The optimal solution using Excel.;BELOW IS THE ANSWER. BUT ITS NOT SOLVED BY USING SOLVER IN;EXCEL. IF YOU CAN SOLVE IT IN EXCEL USING SOLVER THAT WOULD BE;GREAT, Shouldnt take long since everything is already setup. If not, Mathematical;formulations work is what I am mainly looking for.;Distri;bution;Center;s (cost;x 100);1;Plant;2;3;8;7;4;Dumm;Supply;y;0;50;Ui;0;A;Plant;B;Deman;d;Vj;6;8;4;0;20;20;20;40;6;8;5;50;0;0;Distri;bution;Center;s;1;Plant;A;Plant;B;Deman;d;Vj;2;3;20;Dumm;Supply;y;Ui;30;50;0;10;50;1;20;20;20;20;20;40;5;7;4;0;Distri;bution;Center;s;1;Plant;A;Plant;B;Deman;d;Vj;2;3;20;20;Dumm;Supply;y;Ui;50;0;30;20;10;50;0;20;20;20;40;6;8;4;0;Total Cost (x100);$340;C= 600(20) +700(20) +400(20) +0(10) +0(30) = $ 34,000;Multiple Choice;1.;Consider a minimal spanning tree problem in which pipe must be laid to connect sprinklers on a;golf course. When represented with a network;a.;the pipes are the arcs and the sprinklers are the nodes.;b.;the pipes are the nodes and the sprinklers are the arcs.;c.;the pipes and the sprinklers are the tree.;d.;each sprinkler must be connected to every other sprinkler.;2.;Which would be the correct transformation for the constraints defined as;ax1+bx2 c, x1-d, x20.;a.;b.;c.;d.;3.;a(x1+d)+bx2x3+ x4=c, xj0 (j=1,..,4);ax1+bx2x3+x4=c, x1+x5 =d, xj0 (j=1,..,5);ax1+bx2x3+x4=c, x1x5+x6=-d, xj0 (j=1,..,6);ax1+bx2+x3x4=c, x1+x5=-d, xj0 (j=1,..,5);The shortest-route algorithm has assigned the following permanent labels to six nodes, where the;label [a, b] indicates the minimum distance a up to the node k from node b.;Node;Label;1;[0,S];2;[15,1];3;[12,1];4;[20,3];5;[8,1];6;[32,4];What is the shortest path from the source to node 6?;a.;1, 3, 4, 6;b.;1, 6;c.;1, 2, 5, 6;d.;1, 5, 6;4.;The basic solution to a problem with four equations and five variables would assign a value of 0;to;a.;b.;c.;d.;4 variables.;0 variables.;1 variable.;7 variables.;5.;Given a maximization problem with the following intermediate simplex tableau;Basic;Variab;le;z;x1;x5;x2;Eq.;0;1;2;3;Coeffi;cient;of;z;1;0;0;0;RHS;x1;0;1;0;0;x2;0;0;0;1;x3;-4;-1;-5;0;x4;-3;3;1;7;x5;0;0;1;0;Which statement is true?;a.;b.;c.;d.;The problem may have an unbounded feasible region.;x3 enters to the basis and x5 leaves the basis.;x4 enters to the basis and x2 leaves the basis.;It cannot be determined since there is missed information.;20;4;14;2


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