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Week 3 Learning Activities Learning Activity #1 and Learning Activity #2




Week 3 Learning Activities;Learning Activity #1;Chapter 4, page 33;Do the following exercise;Career Opportunities;Where Do You Find Happiness?;Have you given much thought to whether you?d be happier working for a small company;or for a big one? Here?s your chance to compare and contrast the opportunities that;small companies and big companies offer. First, read the article?Company Research?;Investigate Small Companies?;( Then read the;article?Benefits of Working in a Small Company vs. a Corporation?;(;of _working_in_a_small_company_vs_a_corporation.html).;[1] Identify five advantages;of working for a small company and five advantages of working for a big one. Indicate;your choice of employer (small or big company), and explain why you selected this;option.;Learning Activity #2;Chapter 5, page 25 and 59;Do the following exercise;Post your answer to questions 1 and 2;Page 25;Why are most small businesses found in the service-producing sector? Identify five;small service-producing businesses that you patronize frequently. What kinds of small;businesses are found in the goods-producing sector? What small goods-producing firms;do you do business with regularly?;Page 59;Knowing how to be an effective team member is a vital lifetime skill. It will help you in;your academic career, in the business world, and in non-work activities as well. It takes;time and effort to learn how to work in a team. Part of the challenge is learning how to;adjust your behavior to the needs of the group. Another part is learning how to motivate;members of a group. A well-functioning team allows members to combine knowledge;and skills, and this reliance on diverse backgrounds and strengths often results in team;decisions that are superior to those made by individuals working alone.;Are You a Team Player?;As a first step, you should do a self-assessment to evaluate whether you possess;characteristics that will help you be a successful team member. You can do this by;taking a?Team Player? quiz available at the Quintessential Careers Web site. Go;to to link to this quiz. You?ll get;feedback that helps you identify the characteristics you need to work on if you want to;improve your teamwork skills.;Working Together as a Team;The best approach to specifying appropriate behavior for team members is for the team;to come up with some ground rules. Get together with three other students selected by;your instructor, and establish working guidelines for your team. Prepare a team report in;which you identify the following;1. Five things that team members can do to increase the likelihood of group success;2. Five things that team members can do to jeopardize group success


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