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only need week 2,3,and 4;Week 1-;Choose a Company;Read pages 346-355 to get an idea how to analyze companies. Then, skim through the list of company case studies provided in the second half of your text.;Identify one that you will use to complete your comprehensive Final Case Analysis. You will have to do outside research on this company and cite your sources in APA format on the final project, so be sure to keep a list of complete details for all sources you use.;Submit your choice to the instructor under the assignment tab in your course.;Week 2-;Part I- Company Overview;Read the case study in the text on your company thoroughly. Write a brief company overview. In your overview, you will need to research general information on your company started and its growth over the years. In researching your company?s background/history, be sure to look for organizational structure, corporate leaders, and key information to give the reader a complete picture of the company?s history and its leadership styles. Also include information on the company?s products and services, both nationally and internationally. Be sure to keep a list of complete details for all sources you use.;Week 3-;Part II- Executive Summary (A);Identify your company?s mission, vision, objectives, and posted strategies. You may need to consult outside resources, so be sure to keep a list of complete details for all sources you use.;Part II- Executive Summary (B);Briefly identify the industry in which your company operates, identifying majorcompetitors, products, trends, and market conditions over the last five years.;Week 4-;Part III- Internal Assessment (A);Using the most recent on-line information you can find--such as government documents, company statements, and other sources, complete a financial analysis on your company. Be sure to include pertinent financial ratios in your discussions. Highlight (discuss) specific good or bad ratios that help explain the company?s current position in the market.;Part III- Internal Assessment (B);Find and include a current organizational chart for your company. Then create an improved organizational chart, followed by an explanation of why these changes would improve the company.;Week 5-;Part III- Internal Assessment (C);Create a market positioning map with your firm and its major competitors. Discuss the marketing strategies of your company versus strategies of major competitors. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your firm?s versus competitors? market strategies?;Part III- Internal Assessment (D);Discuss the ?Value of the Firm.? Complete a SWOT analysis and IFE Matrix.;Week 6-;Part IV- External Assessment (A);Identify and create a graphic of major competitors, identifying market share/products to show competition in the industry. Complete a Competitive Profile Matrix, using at least 12 factors and two competitors.;Part IV- External Assessment (B);Summarize key industry trends for the last five years, using resources such as Standard & Poor?s Industry Surveys, or Chamber of Commerce statistics, etc. Highlight key external trends as they impact the firm in areas such as the economic, social, cultural, demographic, technological, political, legal, governmental, and natural environment.;Week 7-;Part V- Final Case Analysis;Compile all parts of your case analysis from the last six weeks into one document. Be sure to include a Reference page, formatted properly, with all sources cited in the text. (Consult Purdue University?s website or for help). Using APA formatting (style and citations), edit and proofread your document carefully. Format your paper with a cover page, page numbers, and appendices for graphics or tables. Refer to the grading rubric to be sure you have included all required parts. Submit your case analysis.


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