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Is there another expert that can take my question?...




Is there another expert that can take my question? Maybe one a little younger than Michael? His time is too precious for $40 and he wants to be buried with all his money.,I didnt think it was going to be picked up so I started it myself. I have done up to question 21. Would you be able to complete the rest of it for me? Since i did a third of it, I would like a third of the price. Please let me know.,you will answer all questions 1-59 or just 21-59? if you do all, 1-59 than you will receive $40. if you only do 21-59 than you will receive $30. Please let me know. Again, I will need this no later than 9pm tomorrow. Thanks.,i have not received your answer. what is the current status of my request? what questions are going to be answered at what rate? please respond asap so I can confirm.,just want to confirm I am going to reveive this by 9pm eastern time today?,it is now 9:47pm. This was supposed to be submitted by 9pm. I have to have this within the next 30 minutes or so. Please advise!!!!,You submitted this assignment past the deadline. I did not receive it until almost 10pm, almost one hour after the deadline so it is late.,for some reason, these posts on the course hero website has the time incorrect. i received an email to my mailbox from you when you answered the question. here is the email header i received with the correct time. i also sent an email to support after 9pm as i had not received the assignment. I called support line and left a message as well. From: Sent: Tue 5/15/12 9:51 PM To: Hi, I just answered your Accounting question on Course Hero. Please follow the link below to review your answer or to send me a message.,Did you not see the email i pasted in?,I contacted your support line and left a message and also emailed as well but have not heard back from them. please have your supervisor call me at 718-309-1786.


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