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I am a kaplan student and need help with class AC...




I am a kaplan student and need help with class AC 114 attached are the pages for problems 7-11A Pg342 and 7-3A pg 345,Here are the corresponding page numbers for the problems.,Here is pg 345 for prob 7-3A,2 of 2: International Writing Assignment The SEC is currently considering a shift from U.S. GAAP to IFRS. This change has a possibility of being mandated. A shift of this magnitude can mean all accountants be re-educated on the new standards. Certainly the intention is to have a single global set of rules to simplify the world of accounting however some thought leaders voice that it could complicate the profession more. Below you will find links to articles on this topic. Some support the change and some do not. Required: You are to prepare a 1 page paper using APA format and state whether you are for or against implementing the proposed change. Please ensure that you list three reasons you took the position you did and why. For your reading documents please click the Required Documents button below. This assignment should be typed and follow APA guidelines for document format and citations of resources. For APA resources and assistance, please visit the Kaplan University Writing Center at Success/PeerTutoring/Writing/WritingCenter.aspx. You can also access the writing center from your eCollege desk page by clicking on the ?My Studies? tab, selecting ?Academic Support Center?, and then clicking on the Writing Center link. Here you will find self guided resources as well as links to get assistance from the Writing Center support staff. Your document should be uploaded to the Unit 9 International Writing Assignment Dropbox by midnight on Tuesday of Unit 9. ID: AC114-09-09-AS BusinessWeek Article Attribute Differences Between US GAAP and IFRS US GAAP vs. IFRS International Accounting Standards and Accounting Quality Major Differences in U.S. GAAP & IFRS and Latest Developments,Disregard the writing part that was a miss send.,How do I increase the deadline?,Just the first part for the problems disregard the writing assignment, my apologies for the confusion.


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