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Final Group project/presentation Part I Requirement:




A. Final Group project/presentation Part I Requirement;1. Group Problem Solving Chapter 6 (Standard Normal Distribution chapter);a. Group A- 6.56 (a,b) - Undergraduate Survey;b. Group B 6.57 (a,b) - Undergraduate Survey;c. Group C- 6.58 (a,b) - Graduate Survey;d. Group D 6.59 (a,b) - Graduate Survey;B. Final Group Project/Presentation - Part II Requirement;1. ABC University Administration has hired your group as business consultants to;determine whether the University should expand its undergraduate and graduate;business programs to an offsite location or multiple locations. With your group work;you will observe and analyze undergraduate or graduate student data. Your group will;address the problem or issue given. Based on your results from your group work in;chapter 6 and work from previous group assignments in the semester, your group will;discuss the results of your group recent chapter 6 assignments and how the results;can assist the ABC University administrators in their business decision making;process. Also, you should suggest what other information concerning the different;types of errors might be useful to examine, and offer possible courses of actions for;the University administration or management might use to guide the ABC University;in the direction of future success and increased revenue growth.;C. Prepare an analysis report to be submitted to the ABC University Administration. You;should include the following information in your report;1. Cover page. Please use business design. You should also include your name.;2. Background and objective of the project.;3. Data analysis. It should include all the tables, charts, and detailed analysis. Please note that;for each of the datasets that you present, you should also clearly analyze the pattern of the;data and provide insightful inferences related to the objective of the project.;4. Conclusions and suggestions.;5. Appendix, if any.;Note: Please check the attached evaluation rubric for the report.;Project due policy;The project should be submitted on time. Project handed in during the week after it is due will be;penalized by 25% deduction. Project handed in during the second week after it is due will be;penalized by 50% deduction. No submission will be acceptable after that.;Evaluation Rubric for QAS 228 Project Report;Criteria;Cover page;A (20 points);B(15 points);C(10 points);D(5 points);Clear and good business design which is;related to the project.;Clear design with a title.;Background and;objective of the;project;Clearly explain the background and;condition of the company, and the reasons;for the company to start the project.;Clearly explain either the;background of the company, or;the reasons to start the project;but do not have both.;Have explained either the;background or the objectives of;the project, but the explanations;are irrelevant.;No background and;objective of the project.;Data analysis;For each of the four datasets: choose an;appropriate chart to present the data by;using Excel, clearly analyze the pattern of;the data, provide insightful inferences;related to the objective of the project.;For the four datasets, either;choose an appropriate chart to;present the data by using Excel;or clearly analyze the pattern of;the data and provide clear;inferences related to the objective;of the project, but do not have;both.;For the four datasets, choose a;chart to present the data but the;chart is inappropriate and do;not obtain information about;the pattern of the data.;Miss charts for the datasets.;Draw reasonable conclusions based on;data analysis, provide insightful;suggestions for management.;Draw reasonable conclusions;based on data analysis, but do not;provide clear suggestions for;management.;Have conclusions or;suggestions, but is unrelated to;data analysis or the objective of;the paper.;Miss conclusions and;suggestions.;The report is well constructed, no;grammatical or spelling errors.;The report is generally clear but;the transition or flow is difficult;in some places, or few;grammatical /spelling errors.;The concepts and ideas;presented in the report are;loosely connected, or several;grammatical/spelling errors.;The concepts and ideas;presented in the report are;unclear, or pervasive;grammatical/spelling errors.;Conclusions and;suggestions


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