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Question 1;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to the utilitarian theory, an action is morally right if and only if;Question 2;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to W. D. Ross's theory;Question 3;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Which of the following represents a utilitarian belief?;Answer;Question 4;5 out of 5 points;Correct;For those who are trying to make moral decisions;Question 5;5 out of 5 points;Correct;If you adopt ethical egoism as your moral code, then;Question 6;5 out of 5 points;Correct;If you want to go to law school, then you must take the LSAT exam." This statement is an example of;Question 7;5 out of 5 points;Correct;A key idea of Immanuel Kant's ethical theory is that;Question 8;0 out of 5 points;Incorrect;Kant believed that we should always act;Question 9;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to Kant;Question 10;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Supererogatory actions are;Question 11;5 out of 5 points;Correct;The statement that best defines rights is;Question 12;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Consequentialism;Question 13;5 out of 5 points;Correct;A practical basis for discussing moral issues involves taking account of;Question 14;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Egoism as a psychological theory;Question 15;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Utilitarianism is appealing as a standard for moral decision making in business. Which of the following provides a reason for this?


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