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Textbook: Kieso, Intermediate Accounting, 14th edition Chapter 6. Accounting and the Time Value of Money 1. Present and Future computations of a single sum of money 2. Present and Future computations of an annuity (ordinary and annuity due) By far the most common application of time value of money concepts in financial accounting and reporting is the computation of present values, particularly annuities. Required: 1. Your task for this week is to obtain a copy of the latest 10K for your assigned public company (UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH)) and copy and paste at least 2 separate disclosure notes from the "Notes to the Financial Statements" (Except for the one that relates to Significant Accounting Policies) that mention the use of present values (whether directly or indirectly). Note - the term "Fair Value" does not automatically equate to present value. Please indicate the number/name and page number of each note e.g. "Note 4/Loans, page 87". Feel free to comment on anything that you found interesting. 2. Please reply to this post by including the name of the public company in your Subject. Consistent with previous discussions.


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