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BUSN Assignment 5.3: Project: Standardization vs. Adaptation




Assignment 5.3: Project: Standardization vs. Adaptation;In Module 5, the focus is on the question of standardizing the firm's offering. Whether it is a common brand name, shared platform design or a franchised service, finding the appropriate approach in terms of standardization and adaptation plays a crucial role in the success of a product or service internationally. Often, tradeoffs need to be made. Careful analysis will help determine which ones are likely to yield the best results.;Procedure;1.Review the Project page if necessary.;2.Review the work you completed in Module 4 for your course project.;3.Given your thoughts in Module 4 and the material in this module, analyze whether your chosen firm's products should be standardized or localized;a.What are the pros and cons from a product development perspective?;b.Which positioning and branding approach might be most effective?;4.Submit a one-page (maximum) MS Word document to your instructor, outlining the approach you intend to take with some supporting rationale for your decision.;5.Please format your paper in basic APA style including citations and references. (References can be listed on a second page. You do not need to include title page, abstract, etc. Just use basic font, margin, and spacing requirements for APA style.)


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