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Strayer BUS 599 Quiz Week 1




Question 1;One behavioral problem occurs when there is insufficient explanation of why a change must take place. In order to curtail this resistance from occurring within the organization, what guideline should be implemented and followed?;Question 2;A system change that results in an improved product or service and helps lower costs provided a(n);Question 3;The type of user resistance in which data are erroneously entered into a system is called;Question 4;In which step of the SDLC do all of the elements of the system come together?;Question 5;Refer to the table below, which shows the results of payback, net present value, and internal rate of return analysis of four projects. Which is preferred by the internal rate of return criterion?;Question 6;Refer to the table below, which shows the results of payback, net present value, and internal rate of return analysis of four projects. Which is preferred by the payback criterion?;Question 7;Major resistance to change takes one of several forms. What is the name of the form of resistance where the new system is blamed for any and every unpleasant occurrence?;Question 8;Which data gathering method is most helpful to deal with the question: "Why?;Question 9;The ________ method of gathering information helps to determine how a system should work.;Question 10;A good rule to follow to prevent behavioral problems associated with implementing a new system is "Avoid complex systems that cause radical changes." What expression is used to describe this system design rule?;Question 11;There are several important aspects to be considered during a feasibility study. The aspect that asks the question, "Can people use the system and will they use it?" is called;Question 12;On March 18, 2008, a newly installed robotic painting system broke down. A technician was called to repair the system. She found that a shoe had been shoved into the system's innards. This is an example of dealing with change by;Question 13;Refer to the table below, which shows the results of payback, net present value, and internal rate of return analysis of four projects. Which is preferred by the net present value criterion?;Question 14;Three months after a new telephone system with voice mail was installed at Modest Expectations College in Pennsylvania, several senior faculty members were contacted by a telecommunications secretary and were told that their voice mail boxes were full. This is an example of dealing with change by;Question 15;A project development team at Midwest Construction was assigned the task of improving the efficiency of the firm's accounting information system. As part of the ________ step in the systems development life cycle, the team has initiated an end user training program in preparation for switching over to the new system.;Question 16;What is an important risk to be considered when allowing end users to develop a system?;Question 17;Question 18;A company that has outsourced its AIS function can lose a fundamental understanding of its AIS needs and the strategic uses of AIS with the passing of time. What is this risk called?;Question 19;As part of the development process for a new job bidding software system for Halide Construction, LLC, Jon Chelide prepared and distributed functional programs that simulate the system's input and output interface. These programs are an example of;Question 20;Which of the following is a method for comparing alternative vendor proposals for development of an accounting information system when the vendors differ with regard to their ability to meet the project criteria?;Question 21;Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to Web-based computing services provided by a(an);Question 22;Software development companies write commercial software that can be used by a variety of organizations. Sometimes these companies combine both software and hardware together to sell as one package. Such a package is commonly referred to as;Question 23;What is the first step a company should take when evaluating requests for proposals?;Question 24;When canned software is used for systems acquisition, the conceptual design phase of the SDLC;Question 25;Firms should consider preparing a software prototype if the application;Question 26;Question 27;Which advantage of outsourcing, given below, may tend to cause resistance on the part of in-house IS staff and other organization employees?;Question 28;Benathir Donathat, director of the project committee, has received approval from management for implementation of a new accounting information system. After putting out an RFP, the committee settled on a vendor that will provide an industry standard software package and post-sale technical support. The committee decided to go with;Question 29;The basic premise of ________ is that it is easier for people to express what they like or dislike about an existing system than to imagine what they would like in a system.;Question 30;Where is the responsibility for the development of end-user computing applications typically placed?


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