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BUS 25 multiple choice questions




1) Which of the following represent types of interests?;a) Advocacy groups;b) Special interest;c) Activist groups;d) All of the above;2) Which of the following is not an organized interest group that directly impacts the automo-;bile industry?;a) United Auto Workers;b) Trial lawyers;c) American Association of Automobile Manufacturers;d) Mothers Against Drunk Driving;3) Which of the following is not a primary public institution in the nonmarket environ-;ment?;a) Legislatures;b) The executive branch;c) The World Court;d) Administrative agencies;4) Which of the following is a powerful force for providing information to officeholders;regarding the likely consequences of policy alternative for their constituents and the;public more broadly?;a) United Auto Workers;b) Newspapers from advocates of some position;c) Lobbying;d) None is correct;5) Which one of the following makes up the Administrative and regulatory agencies;arena in which nonmarket issues for the automobile industry are addressed?;a) Congress;b) Environmental Protection Agency;c) European Union;d) All of the above;Unit 1 Examination;30;Business and Society;6) Which auto company was targeted by the environmental groups seeking to mobilize;the public to support greater fuel economy?;a) General Motors;b) Hummer;c) Toyota;d) Saturn;7) Which of the following is NOT a source of nonmarket issues?;a) Moral concerns;b) Institutional change;c) Interest group activity;d) Crash of the stock market;8) What is the following new theory called: ?under which firms could be held liable if;their stock prices fell significantly when the firms? projections of future earnings had;been favorable?;a) Fraud on the market;b) Fraud on the nonmarket;c) The common factor;d) Collective deception;9) In terms of strategy and nonmarket issue life cycle, Nike found itself reacting to what;rather than shaping the development of the issue?;a) The government only;b) Their own culture;c) Others? actions;d) None are correct;10) Nonmarket issue life cycle and strategy ranges from what to what on the continuum;of time?;a) Issue identification, enforcement;b) Interest group formation, enforcement;c) Legislation, administration;d) Issue identification, administration;Unit 1 Examination;31;Business and Society;11) The most effective means of integrating nonmarket strategies and market strategies is;to what?;a) Consider both strategies;b) Consider only nonmarket strategies;c) Consider only market strategies;d) Consider neither but come up with new strategies;12) ______ is a foundation for market or competitive strategy because it is a source of;competitive advantage.;a) Timing;b) Lobbying;c) Positioning;d) Marketing;13) Nonmarket positioning is influenced by a firm?s;a) finances.;b) market strategy.;c) customers.;d) competition.;14) What was the primary concern for eBay in its positioning for a certain type of space?;a) Market;b) Consumer;c) Legal;d) Moral;15) The collection of diverse interests, viewpoints, and preferences of the individuals in;society is known as what?;a) Public individualiality;b) Common sense;c) Public sentiment;d) Public wants and demands;Unit 1 Examination;32;Business and Society;16) BP managed its environment in many ways. One way that it solidified its positioning;relative to the natural environment was to what?;a) Move away from oil production and distribution of gasoline;b) Change its symbol and slogan;c) Join the Green Party;d) Appoint only environmentalists to its Board of Directors;17) Law-making and rule-making take place in what type of space?;a) Social;b) Legal;c) Political;d) Commercial;18) What space has Microsoft largely ignored, relying instead on its aggressive approach;to markets?;a) Legal;b) Public sentiment;c) Political;d) Nonmarket;19) Positioning can also have its perils. Which of the following companies has been lob-;bied heavily to increase its commitment to its own causes?;a) Xerox;b) GM;c) Microsoft;d) Starbucks;20) Firms deploy nonmarket capabilities to do what?;a) Add value;b) Beat the competition;c) Create new markets;d) Try new strategies;Unit 1 Examination;33;Business and Society;21) Which of the following are parts of the framework for the analysis of nonmarket is-;sues?;a) Screening;b) Analysis;c) Choice;d) All of the above;22) The societal significance perspective of news media coverage assumes the following;roles, except;a) maintaining democracy;b) the First Amendment protects the news media in assuming its role in the;society;c) informing citizens of unjust behavior;d) protecting the government, the president and the Congress from themselves;23) Using the Audience Interest/Societal Significance continuum, which of the following;rates highest on both?;a) Poverty;b) Environmental protection;c) International trade;d) The economy;24) Which of the following makes an issue more newsworthy?;a) The degree of urgency;b) A celebrity being involved with an issue;c) If the issue contains controversy or conflict;d) All are correct answers;25) According to well-known journalist Edwin Newman, ?What is news on television often;depends on _____________??;a) what the editor wants covered;b) where your reporters and cameramen are;c) what the month is;d) what you covered last


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