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BUS 308 Week 3 Assignment - Evaluation of Correlations




Evaluation of Correlation;Data are gathered regarding the length of tenure top executives have at a major corporation and;whether those executives have been divorced. The Human Resources department is evaluating;this data to drive decision-making in regard to their hiring process. The data for eight executives;is as follows;In a three to five page paper, excluding title page and reference page(s), answer the following;questions to analyze the data. Include clearly labeled calculations, if applicable. Calculations;conducted in Excel must be copied and pasted into the Word document. This paper should be;formatted according to APA guidelines outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.;1. Whats the most appropriate procedure for evaluating the relationship between tenure and;divorce?;2. What is the correlation and how can it be interpreted in terms of magnitude, direction and;practical importance?;3. How much of whether executives have been divorced can be accounted for by their;length of tenure with the organization? How much of tenure can be explained by whether;there has been a divorce?;4. Make a logical argument for why lengthy tenure may be causing divorce.;5. Make another logical argument for why divorce may be causing lengthy tenure.;Make sure to support your arguments with at least two articles from the scholarly sources. All;calculations conducted in Excel must be copied and pasted into the Word document before;submission. Be sure to clearly label all calculations.


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