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Question;9. The General Mental Ability Test (GMAT) is an example of a(n) __________.;A) achievement test;B) personality test;C) performance test;D) cognitive ability test;E) knowledge-based test;10. A candidate?s ability to complete an actual job task is best tested through a(n);A) Predictive test;B) Work sample test;C) Aptitude test;D) Achievement test;E) Drug test;11. As part of a selection process, candidates are asked to assume the responsibility of a manager to deal with a subordinate experiencing performance problems. This form of assessment is often referred to as a(n);A) Leaderless group discussion;B) Role-play;C) In-basket session;D) Oral presentation;E) Decisiveness skills;12. During an interview, Josh realized that the interviewee displayed the same work attitudes that he held. Based on this, Josh gave the interviewee favorable ratings. Josh's ratings were most likely biased by which type of phenomenon?;A) Similar-to-me effect;B) Coping effect;C) Efficiency effect;D) First-impression effect;E) Matching effect;13. An employer?s best defense when a case of negligent hiring goes to court is to;A) Produce the employee?s signed application form;B) Produce letters of reference provided by the employer;C) Produce evidence of employment and reference checking;D) Prove that the misconduct occurred after regular work hours;E) Produce evidence that the employee was given a personality test;14. How can an organization improve the reliability and validity of interviews?;A) Use a standardized job related interview (e.g. structured, panel, or situational);B) Assure consistency through the use of a single interviewer.;C) Encourage hiring managers to pay attention to their ?gut feel?.;D) Allow interviewees to share information about their unrelated previous work history.;E) Avoid training managers because is can increase anxiety related to interviewing.;15. Which of the following is NOT a type of interview format?;A) Appraisal interview;B) Structured interview;C) Situational interview;D) Panel interview;E) Behavioral interview;16. As part of its selection process, Techno industries requires that each applicant be interviewed by the department manager, direct supervisor, and human resource director, all at the same time. This type of interview format is known as __________.;A) panel interview;B) serialized interview;C) structured interview;D) behavioral interview;E) semi-structured interview;17. Which type of interview uses questions based on the critical incident technique (CIT) analysis?;A) semi-structured;B) situational;C) highly structured;D) group or panel;E) psychological;18. You are hiring a cashier, who will be earning minimum wage. You could consider using;A) an assessment center to determine risk of theft from the applicants.;B) General impressions gathered through a non-structured interview.;C) Evaluating information from candidates based on a variable rating standards.;D) Selection methodology with limited utility to control costs.;E) A weighted application blank that factors in where the applicant lives.;19. Cognitive Ability Tests are controversial because while they demonstrate high validity, they;A) Have little economic utility;B) Often result in adverse impact;C) Often result in disparate intent;D) Have not proven to be valid predictors of job performance.;E) Can be replaced with tests with lower validity


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