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History of Accounting- Topic #4




History of Accounting Trace the field and the practice back to its creation. What caused its creation, and how was accounting conducted in the beginning. Investigate when governments first instituted accounting laws. Find out why the government started creating rules and laws to govern accounting. Compare and contrast the laws from different governments. Discover new laws during your research. Identify the impact new laws have on the accounting field. Identify major changes that have occurred over the last 10 years in the field. How did the Enron and Arthur Anderson scandals change the field of accounting?;Parameters for paper: ? Cover Page o Term Paper Title o Student Name o Course Section: AA-1 (4:25 to 6:55) or AA-2 (7:00 to 9:45) o Certification of Authorship (see below) ? Between 12 & 15 pages. ? Double-spaced. ? Font: Arial. ? Font Size: 12. ? Use of APA format for citations. ? Reference Pages must be included.


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