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UMUC BGMT464 full course UMUC;BGMT464 full course;Week 3;Learning Activity #1;This week, we are spending much of our time discussing and learning about motivating people. There is, however, a contrarian viewpoint that says if you get the right people, they are self motivated. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great holds this view. Watch the video below;The Right People are Self Motivated (Scroll down to the video with this title);Do you agree or disagree with Collins? viewpoint? Make your case in the discussion but be sure to use more than just your personal opinion and experiences. Back up your reasoning my drawing on the theories and concepts in this week?s readings.;Learning Activity #2;Based on the good work that he did in handling previous multicultural issues, Frank Jones has promoted to the General Manager of his company?s Tokyo operations. Performance in this operation has been just barely acceptable and he would like to find a way to motivate higher levels of performance. In a previous position in the New York operation, he implemented a performance improvement motivation plan that included individual bonuses individual recognition at an annual sales meeting and attendance at the meeting, held at a post resort, for spouses of the top 10% of the force.;Frank has engaged you as an OB consultant and asked you to review the plan and recommend modifications that would make it successful in Tokyo. What do you tell him. Support your recommendations by referring to significant motivational theories and concepts and to material identifying relevant cultural dimensions of Japan.


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