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Case Study: Sky-High Airlines




3000 words;Case Study: Sky-High Airlines;Background;Sky-High Airlines (SHA) owns a number of small airline companies, based in different;countries across the globe. Sky-High Airlines was once the industry leader and has;enjoyed a significant market share for several decades, but recently pressures from a;rival conglomerate of airlines, focused on low-cost strategy, has forced SHA to;rethink its corporate strategy of providing luxury travel at a premium price.;At a recent board meeting it was announced by the CEO that Sky-High Airlines must;lower its operating costs to avoid falling further behind its new competition. It has;been left to the executives to figure out how costs are going to be lowered, whilst;maintaining a premium quality of service to its customers.;Amelia Earhart, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Sky-High Airlines, has for a;long time been trying to unify the global approach to processes and disparate;booking systems across the group. She has been given the job of reviewing the;technology available and providing a cost effective solution to regain its market share.;Sky-High Airlines;Recently, Sky-High Airlines acquired Fresh Air (FA) to expand into a new market;South Africa. Besides expansion, one of the main reasons for attaining Fresh Air was;an industry-leading booking system, based on open source technologies which many;including the CEO of SHA, believe is a source of competitive advantage.;At present the booking systems of the airlines within the group are disparate as a;result of historical acquisitions, which left each airline more or less as it was;operationally. Aside from Fresh Air, all other airlines within the group have different;bespoke booking systems.;Amelia has been thinking how she can capitalise on the acquisition of Fresh Air to;build a universal booking system. The biggest challenge facing Amelia is to put;together a persuasive argument in order to gain the necessary support and backing;required.;However, Amelia is already experiencing some resistance to her fact finding from;some of the global business locations within the group, with some of the IT managers;who have responsibility for the current booking systems voicing concern about the;move to a single booking system. Furthermore, she is aware that the board does not;have a good understanding of technology and have been reluctant to invest in this;area in the past.;Amelia is a key sponsor for this project and feels as if she had lost the confidence of;the board with regard to the implementation of new technology. She faces one final;challenge: the CEO has identified IT as one of the areas in which Sky-High Airlines;must cut back. As one of the founders of the company in 1978, the CEO sees IT as;an unnecessary expense which is costing the business too much money and would Dr Maria Kutar Sept 2014 3;Operations and Information Management;rather focus on redundancies and other traditional efficiency techniques, rather than;investing in technology.;Your Task;You are a consultant employed by Amelia Earhart of Sky-High Airlines. Your;objective is to write a report with your analysis and recommendations regarding the;introduction of an integrated booking system, based on that of Fresh Air (the South;African airline), into Sky-High Airlines by discussing the following;? Outlining the ways in which the new IT strategy can benefit Sky High Airlines;? Identifying key challenges of Sky High Airlines transitioning to an integrated;system;? Providing detailed recommendations for how the strategy could be effectively;implemented.;You should use appropriate theories, frameworks, models, that we have covered in;the module, to inform and justify your recommendations. You may include in;appendices any analysis that you have conducted (e.g. BPM, SWOT etc) to support;your arguments.;Please structure your assignment as a report ? include;Title Page, Contents, Introduction, Main Section, Conclusions, Recommendations;and References


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