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MT 499 Unit 1 Assignment: Your Business Description




For this four to five page project, you will identify a business that you would like to start. Either;this can be an actual plan for a business you have thought about starting for years, or you can;create a hypothetical business for the purposes of this project.;You will describe the vision, mission, and the type of structure your business will take. In;addition, describe, as the leader, how you will manage the business in order to realize the vision;and achieve optimal performance.;Each week you will be addressing a different aspect of the business planning process. In the final;project, you will use information gained from the weekly projects along with information;obtained through research. Each week you add to the foundation for your business plan, which is;due at the end of unit 9.;Assignment checklist;Determine the type of business, vision, and mission;Create the structure and form of management applied in the business;Evaluate the roles that your structure, management, and the leadership foundation you created;will play in the performance of the organization


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