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QUESTION 1;What is the first step in the feedback control system?;measuring performance in previous periods;comparing performance to standards;establishing standards of performance;establishing strategic objectives;5 points;QUESTION 2;???????? theory deals with employee's perception of fairness.?;Expectancy;Equity;Need hierarchy;ERG;5 points;QUESTION 3;Pauline is an area manager at Ironman Gym. She anticipates her area's needs and formulates a proposed budget every quarter. She then sends this proposal to her manager. This is an example of;revenue budgeting;top-down budgeting;bottom-up budgeting;strategic budgeting;5 points;QUESTION 4;The removal of an unpleasant consequence following a desired behavior is referred to as;?;punishment.;positive reinforcement;extinction;avoidance learning;5 points;QUESTION 5;Bruce publicly praises his employees when they have achieved their goals. Bruce hopes this will increase the likelihood of goal achievement in the future. This is an example of;avoidance learning.;extinction.;positive reinforcement;negative reinforcement.;5 points;QUESTION 6;Denise has a desire to influence others, be responsible for them, and have authority over them. It can be described as her;?;need for power.;need for achievement.;need for affiliation.;need for success.;5 points;QUESTION 7;An advantage of the bottom-up budgeting process is;there is an emphasis on bureaucratic control;top managers are not involved in the process;lower level managers are more involved;top managers control the information flow;5 points;QUESTION 8;Samuel, a sales associate at an electronics store, learns that his base pay is higher than any other sales associate in the store. He justifies his higher salary to the idea that he must be a top sales associate, generating more revenue than anyone else. This example demonstrates which method for reducing perceived inequity?;changing perceptions;changing an outcome;modifying work effort;changing the behavior of others;5 points;QUESTION 9;A high need for????_________??? is associated with successful attainment of top levels in the organizational hierarchy, according to McClelland.;?;power;achievement;success;affiliation;5 points;QUESTION 10;Which of these is a financial budget that estimates cash flows on a daily basis or weekly basis to ensure that the company can meet its obligations?;revenue budget;capital expense budget;budgeted income statement;cash budget;5 points;QUESTION 11;???????? indicators focus on production and operating statistics.;Critical success;Potential for learning and growth;Business process;Performance measurement;5 points;QUESTION 12;Which of the following allows employees to see for themselves the financial condition of the company?;activity based managment;open book management;private capital managment;economic value-added management;5 points;QUESTION 13;Alderfer referred to the needs for physical well being as? _________needs.;existence;growth;physiological;relatedness;5 points;QUESTION 14;Theories that explain how employees select the behaviors that allow them to meet their needs are known as;?;need hierarchy;reinforcement;content;process;5 points;QUESTION 15;Which of the following theories focuses on changing or modifying employees' on-the-job behavior through the appropriate use of immediate rewards and punishments?;Experiential learning theory;Process theory;Reinforcement theory;ERG theory;5 points;QUESTION 16;Daisy tried to apply the job characteristics model to her workforce, but it only worked for some of her employees.? Which of the following may be a reason why it did not work for everyone?;None?of her employees have high growth-needs.;Some of her employees have low affiliation needs.;Some of her employees are low in growth-need strength.;?;Some of her employees have a low need for power.;5 points;QUESTION 17;Which theory proposes that an individual?s motivation can result not just from direct experience of rewards and punishments but also from the person?s thoughts and beliefs and his or her observations of other people?s behavior?;hierarchy of needs theory;experiential learning theory;social learning theory;reinforcement theory;5 points;QUESTION 18;According to Herzberg,?????_____________ is an example of a hygiene factor.;being challenged;recognition;pay;achievement;5 points;QUESTION 19;All of the following are key steps of setting up feedback control systems EXCEPT;getting employee opinions.;comparing performance to standards.;establishing standards.;making necessary corrections.;5 points;QUESTION 20;One of your fellow students is continually late to class. The professor has tried numerous verbal warnings and recently took points away from the student's grade. Based on the above, the professor's actions are consistent with which of the following reinforcement techniques?;?;aAvoidance learning;positive reinforcement;negative reinforcement;punishment;5 points;QUESTION 21;Which motivation theory proposes that people are motivated to satisfy needs?in sequence?;reinforcement theory;hierarchy of needs theory;sequential development theory;ERG theory;5 points;QUESTION 22;All of the following are major perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard EXCEPT________________.;internal business processes;financial performance;competitors;customers;5 points;QUESTION 23;Nelson is motivated by a strong need for recognition and is continually seeking credit for his contributions to the organization. According to Maslow, Neil is motivated by which category of needs?;self-actualization;belongingness;physiological;esteem;5 points;QUESTION 24;Zachary, a manager at ExecuComp, receives quarterly reports, which track his department's production statistics.However, these reports lack key information regarding reject rates. Which of the following components of the control model need improvemet?;measuring actual performance;establishing standards;the SWOT analysis;the ability to take corrective action;5 points;QUESTION 25;The????????? ratio refers to the ability of the organization to meet its current debt obligation.;liquidity;profitability;conversion;activiity;5 points;QUESTION 26;Madison has been assigned to work on the development of a budget that plans future investments in major assets such as buildings and heavy machinery. Madison is working on a(n)___________budget.;operating;capital;cash payment;expense;5 points;QUESTION 27;Karen is a first line supervisor at Wolfs, Inc. She wishes to increase her employee's opportunities for growth and learning. Which of the following techniques should she use?;continuous quality improvement;job rotation;job enrichment;job enlargement;5 points;QUESTION 28;Larry is looking for ways to increase the number of different tasks that an employee performs without increasing task complexity. He should try job;enrichment;simplification;enlargement;rotation;5 points;QUESTION 29;Which of the following theories places an emphasis on behavior and its consequences?;?;Need hierarchy theory;Reinforcement;ERG;Equity;5 points;QUESTION 30;A recent study from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that the top reason that people leave their jobs is because they;?;don?t like their boss.;don?t make enough money.;don?t feel appreciated.;don?t believe in what the organization stands for.;5 points;QUESTION 31;Ricky is a manager at InfoServices, where she rewards the top sales employee every month by giving him or her a high-definition TV or PC. This is an example of what employee motivation program?;?;Cafeteria benefit plan;Team based compensation;Pay for performance;Lifestyle award;5 points;QUESTION 32;Katie dislikes almost everything about her job. The only reason she continues to work at Mace Autobody is the excellent benefits package she receives. Katie is motivated by;extrinsic rewards.;expectancy.;intrinsic rewards.;self-actualization.;5 points;QUESTION 33;Which of the following is NOT a need proposed by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs theory?;compensation needs;physiological needs;safety needs;esteem needs;5 points;QUESTION 34;Which term, in goal-setting theory, refers to the need to make goals highly ambitious but achievable?;?;Goal specificity;Goal difficulty;Goal acceptance;Goal motivation;5 points;QUESTION 35;Focusing on how well resources and human capital are being managed for the company?s future refers to which component of the balanced scorecard?;competitors;costomer;financial;internal business processes;5 points;QUESTION 36;Kyle's work group consistently exceeds the goals the members set for themselves some months ago. In an attempt to better motivate the group, Kyle thought it would be a good idea to set new goals. This is an example of Kyle exercising control by;taking corrective action;comparing performance to standards;developing adequate measures of performance;All of the above are correct answers.;5 points;QUESTION 37;Highroller Casinos provides good salaries and benefits, including bonuses of up to 25 percent of annual salaries.? However, the company has been criticized for not establishing an achievement or recognition program for its employees. Which of the following best describes the company in terms of the two-factor theory?;?;Good hygiene factors and inadequate motivators;Good motivators and inadequate hygiene factors;Inadequate hygiene factors and motivators;Good hygiene factors and motivators;5 points;QUESTION 38;One of your fellow team members at work is continually disrupting the team's work with jokes and general horseplay. You hope that by ignoring him he will stop this senseless behavior. You are attempting to use which reinforcement tool?;?;positive reinforcement;avoidance learning;extinction;negative reinforcement;5 points;QUESTION 39;Stella, a systems manager for a large technology company, would like to get an understanding of her company?s financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at the end of the fiscal year. Which financial statement should she refer to?;balanced scorecard;balance sheet;income statement;retained earnings statement;5 points;QUESTION 40;The basic philosophy of control at Nutrients-For-You, Inc. is based on the policies found in the employee handbook, as well as a strict?lines of authority. This?is consistent with __________________.;hierarchical control;clan control;total quality management;bottom-up control


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