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UMUC DMBA610 Knowledge Integration Exam fall 2014




DMBA 610;Knowledge Integration Exam;Fall 2014;Please read all instructions carefully before you begin.;1) Include your responses to all questions in ONE document labeled with your last name and "final," -- e.g. "Smithfinal"-- and post it in your Assignment Folder no later than 11:59 PM (ET), Sunday, November 16th, 2014. This exam also must be submitted to It is recommended that you submit your exam to at least 24 hours before the deadline to allow you sufficient time to address any issues identified in the Originality Report prior to posting your exam in your Assignment Folder. Please note: Do not repeat the questions in your exam response. Doing so will create a very high match rate in Turnitin.;2) No extensions may be granted on this assignment, be sure to submit it on time and check to make sure that the document you submitted is readable and what you intended to submit.;NOTE: This is an individual assignment. Any discussion or collaboration regarding the assignment constitutes a violation of. If you have any questions about the assignment, you should direct them to your instructor. Don't wait until the last minute to read the assignment and clarify any questions you might have. If you wait until the night before the exam is due, your instructor might not be available to answer your questions at that exact moment.;3) Be sure to base your discussion of these issues on the theories and principles in the reading you have done throughout this seminar. This is not a research project. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of and ability to apply the principles and theories discussed in the course materials. Do not consult sources outside the assigned DMBA 610 course materials. Using sources that are not course materials may result in point deductions.;? Course materialsinclude all required and recommended reading and multimedia and any additional professor's lectures and introductions.;? Course materials do not include any websites.;4) Your exam should contain specific references to the text book and other course materials. When making reference to course materials, be sure to use proper APA formatted citations and references, and indicate direct quotations by using quotation marks and proper page citation. Do not post a separate document for each question. Your final document should include ONE reference list at the end of the document with all of the references you used in your responses. The reference list is required but will not count toward the allowed number of words. In addition to the reference list, you should also provide in text source citation for direct quotation or paraphrasing of course materials.;5) You must address all questions. Your answers should be limited to the number of words indicated for each question. Failure to adhere to length parameters for each question will result in deduction of points. There is a stated maximum word count for each of the questions (Question 1 = 1,500 words maximum, Question 2 = 1,000 words maximum, Question 3 = 750 words maximum and Question 4 = 500 words maximum). Some of the subsections also have additional stated maximum word limits (e.g., 100 words maximum). If a subsection does not have a stated word maximum, it is your discretion to use a word count that you feel sufficiently answers the question while continuing to adhere to the overall maximum word limits for each question. It is advisable to use the word count feature to check your word counts.;6) Point Allocation: 80% of your grade will be based on the quality of the content of your responses to the questions. The points allocated to each question are indicated. In addition, 20% of your grade will be based on the quality of your attention to graduate level grammar, organization, punctuation, usage, spelling, and APA citation requirements.;Grading Criteria;CONTENT- 80 points;FORM - 20 points (Graduate level structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and adherence to APA citation style);-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;SUMMARY - Do not post a separate document for each question. Your final document should include ONE reference list at the end of the document with all of the references you used in your responses. The reference list is required but will not count toward the allowed number of words. In addition to the reference list, you also should cite sources within your text where appropriate.;Please note: Do not repeat the questions in your exam response. Doing so will create a very high match rate in Turnitin.;END OF INSTRUCTIONS;Question I;BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS ?;1,500 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 25 points);CASE;Aahlaadita (means ?One who is in a happy mood? in Hindi) Abramovich is 46 years old and she was born and raised in Lincoln City, Oregon USA. She joined the US military after she graduated with her undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts when she was 22 years old. She served 21 years in the United States Air Force and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel three years ago. While serving on active duty, she earned two graduate degrees (one was an MBA from UMUC).;Aahlaadita currently earns a little over $4,000 USD per month in her military retirement pay. She wanted to ?follow her passion? when she left active duty service. Yet, she is a cautious person and risk adverse. So, after she retired she took a full time job with a US federal government agency in the Dallas, Texas region at the GS-14 level (this is the General Schedule pay grade that the US federal government uses for the majority of their employees). Aahlaadita currently earns $105,500 USD annually in this job. Thus, her monthly gross income (full time job and retirement pay) is right around $13,000 per month.;At 46 years old, she is not a teenager but she is also not quite ready for the retirement home and playing golf all day. She still has dreams.;An old childhood friend from Lincoln City, Oregon, Adele LaToya Jolie-Pitt, recently contacted Aahlaadita on Facebook and they caught up with a long phone call. Adele LaToya was super excited about an opportunity to invest in an amazing business. Adele LaToya Jolie-Pittand is42 yearsold. Sheholds aPhDinManagementfromMITSloan SchoolofManagementbutiscurrentlyunemployed.;AdeleLaToya is currently engaged to her boyfriend, JavierBieber-Timberlake (22 years old).Together theymovedto thetown of Sedgwick,Colorado whereJavier recently was hiredas aMaster Grower atSedgwickAlternativeReliefMedicalMarijuanaCenter(;Javier isreally enjoying hisnewjob as aMasterGrower. According to thestate ofColorado,a Master Grower,?determineswhat or howmuch of a particular strain toproduceor an individual whosedecisions havean significantimpacton thebusiness and its operations, butdoesnothaveanownershipinterestin thebusiness.? (OccupationalLicense Information,2014)A strain is thetypeof plantproductthatis cultivated andmarketed asa differentiated productline(differentvarieties oftheplant aremarketedwith differenttrade names). Hefeels thatitis an exciting timeto beatthestart ofa newindustryas Colorado is the?world?s first? jurisdiction toprovide ?legal recreational marijuanasales.? (Ingold, 2014);Javier was recently approachedby oneofhis co-workers (abud tender), Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnold, age30,about starting upa newmarijuana retail business together.A bud tender is,?Amedicalcannabis dispensaryworker thatsells and isknowledgeableofvariousmarijuana products.?(,2014)Tyronehascomeupwith thebusiness name,?THE POTSPOT!?and has created anoriginal logo and someoriginal artworkfor thestoresigns.;Theeconomicperformanceofthenewmarijuana retail stores in Colorado has been impressive.From March2014,?Colorado maderoughly $2 million inmarijuanataxes in January, staterevenue officials reportedMondayin theworld's firstaccountingoftherecreational potbusiness.[?] Bycomparison, Coloradomadeabout $2.7 million inliquor excisetaxesin Januaryoflastyear.? (Wyatt,2014);Javier,Tyroneand Adeleagreetostarta newstoretogether. They knowthey mustobtaina vendorlicensefromthestateof Colorado (as per the Colorado MedicalMarijuana Vendor Registration Application, form DR 8533, from theState of Colorado Departmentof Revenue,MedicalMarijuana EnforcementDivision). Itrequires that Marijuana Vendorsdeterminewhattypeof business they will start. Pagethree states,?Typeof Business Structure;SoleProprietorshipC CorporationPartnership;S CorporationLimited Partnership;Publicly Traded CorporationLimited LiabilityCompanyTrust;Other ?;Javier, Adele and Tyrone haveagreedtogotoalawyer nextweektohaveameetingand determinewhatneeds tobedoneto startthenewretail business. Adele LaToya is invitingAahlaadita to join in with them as an owner of ?THE POT SPOT!?;Aahlaadita does not fully understand the marijuana retail business, but it sounded like it was going to be very profitable (everyone would be ?insanely rich? as per AdeleLaToya). AdeleLaToya shared that she had already had her grandmother invest $15,000 in ?The POT SPOT!? (with a guaranteed 15% return on the investment in 90 days from her boyfriend Javier)!;Aahlaadita did not sleep well after speaking with Adele LaToya. She had always been cautious and never been a risk taker. She wondered, shouldn?t she be brave and finally ?go for it? in life? She called AdeleLaToya the next day and said she would invest $30,000 in the new business venture (with a guaranteed 15% return on that investment in 90 days from Javier, she had nothing to lose).;Aahlaadita went to college at Mount Holyoke with your cousin. Your cousin called and asked you to talk to Aahlaadita about this new business. Although Aahlaadita has an MBA from UMUC, she earned it in 1998 so she is a ?bit rusty? about business (this is what she told your cousin).;You agree to help and speak with Aahlaadita. On the phone, Aahlaadita tells you that she does not need any ?expensive lawyer? as she has multiple degrees and is a retired Air Force officer. She has always been very prudent with her money and saved as much as she could each month.;In fact, in addition to her $13,000 monthly income, Aahlaadita has $1,200,000.00 USD saved and invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds. She has also been a long term real estate investor and currently has 12 rental properties (single family homes and duplexes) around the US that are fully paid for and in total generate $12,000 per month in positive cash flow. Her retirement pay, full time job income, and rental property income total $25,000 a month.;She has no debt (the house she lives in she paid cash for when she purchased it). She says, ?I am ?set for life? financially at this point so why not have a little fun and potentially ?get rich? going into business with AdeleLaToya??;Aahlaadita has a great standard of living and enjoys vacations, personal services (spa treatments, maids, dog sitters, etc.) and has the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants. She does have two dogs, a turtle and a fish tank full of exotic fish that she dotes on.;Aahlaadita says that once she gets her assets over ten million USD she will finally feel financially secure (including her properties her current total assets are over four million USD). She has noticed how many of her real estate investor friends have private planes and she does not have one. She would like one and this deal with AdeleLaToya is what she is planning to use to fund her private plane (which will make it easier for her to take her dogs and turtle with her when she travels).;Her business role model Oprah Winfrey said as the Duke University commencement speaker in 2009, ?it is really fantastic to have your own jet, and anybody who says it isn?t is lying to you. That jet thing is really good.? (Leonard, 2009);Aahlaadita has found several websites she is going to use to file the correct legal forms to establish her new business with Adele LaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnoldsuch as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, Nolo and So, you locate the Custom Text from DMBA 610 and tell her that the two of you should go through the comparison chart on pp. 766 and come up with your ?best? and ?second best? forms from a business perspective (before her going to one of the online websites to file forms to start the business).;Note the following issues as you evaluate the comparison chart in your custom text;1. Aahlaadita is very cautious and she wants to ensure she has no liability for the business (or limited liability in the alternative). She says that she was childhood best friends with Adele LaToya and she feels that she ?owes? her to go into business together. Yet, Aahlaadita tells you that she ?does not trust? Adele LaToya Jolie-Pitt, Javier, or Tyrone with ?her? money. She does not want AdeleLaToya, Javier or Tyrone to be able to sign any business checks, use any business credit cards, access any business funds or make any business financial decisions. She tells you that she wants a maximum cap on how much money she could personally lose if the new business fails (of no more than $120,000 or approximately 10% of her liquid assets at the present time). Aahlaadita will be working for the business when she can, but this is a ?side business? for her as she has her full time federal government job in the Dallas, Texas area.;2. Tyrone, anexperienced Bud Tenderandtalented artist, has$10,000 he could invest, he alsowantstoprotect hisfull ownership interestin theoriginal businessnameand artworkthathehasalready created, beyond thathe doesnotwish toplace hispersonal assetsatriskin this venture?down the line hewants topursueventure capital investorsforthebusiness;3. JavierBieber-Timberlake, an experiencedMaster Grower withexceptional leadershipskills,will be creatingintellectual property (strain of product)thathe intendsto transfertothe companyasan asset(the valuation of thisisto be determined, aswell asany cash contribution), he also wantstoshield hispersonal assets fromliability;4. Adele LaToya Jolie-Pit will investonly$10atthistimeand demandslimited liability.Javierhasstated that?herbeauty ispriceless.? She had a Ch. 7 bankruptcy that she filed 24 months ago so she has no personal credit and no access to, or ability to obtain, credit for the new business. She also has no income, no pension, no savings, and has a net worth of approximately negative (-)$220,000 USD due to outstanding student loans from her PhD. Adele LaToya does not work and said that she will be ?dedicated full time to making money? for the new business. She has stated that she will need to draw a salary from the new business immediately (she has suggested $8,000 USD per month), and;5. Aahlaadita is a U.S. citizen as is Adele LaToya. Javier Bieber-Timberlake isaU.S. citizen(4thgeneration fromKanorado,KansasUSA and Basque heritage) andTyrone ?T-DAWG? Arnold (a blackCanadian of WestIndian heritage) isa US permanentresident(greencard holder).;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (label each answer 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D);Prepare your response for Aahlaadita. Support each item with principles and theories from the readings;A) What are the primary considerations for the entrepreneur in choice of a legal form? (100 word limit);B) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form in terms of the specific constraints and objectives?;C) Which one form would you choose and why? Which form would be your ?second-best? recommendation and why?;D) Why is it valuable to have a legally astute management team making the decision about the choice of business entity, rather than leaving these decisions to the lawyers?;(Maximum Limit: 1500 words total for all parts).;END OF QUESTION I;Question II;DUTIES OF CORPORATE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS ?;1,000 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 25 points);CASE;While you are still working on the business formation issues above in Question I, Aahlaadita Skypes you again. She says, ?It was so long ago that I earned my MBA. I wasn?t really paying attention in my classes. I did my best but I was serving as an Air Force officer so I went to class at night and on the weekend and I could barely stay awake. It was kind of boring. I just wanted the degree as a piece of paper so that I would be better positioned for promotions and future jobs after leaving the Air Force. I don?t remember what they taught us about all that ?business jargon stuff? like job titles.;I think that I want to be CEO of ?THE POT SPOT!? because Oprah is CEO of her business. But, I have been thinking. What does that mean? Let?s say that someone sues my company, ?THE POT SPOT!? for one million dollars. Am I going to have to pay them that money because I am CEO? What does it mean to be ?Executive Officer? of a business? As the ?Chief Executive Officer? it sounds like I am the number one in charge of the business. Is that right? What are the responsibilities of the other officers? What are we really agreeing to by being ?officers? of the business?;I really just want a cool title and don?t want to be bothered with any hassle about the business or money issues like bills and lawsuits. With my rental properties I do not deal with any of this ?officer stuff.? I carry a lot of insurance and have my property management firm do everything. They collect all of my rent payments and deposit them in my bank account. I do nothing but look for new properties every once in a while. I expect that ?THE POT SPOT!? will be similar. ?;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (label answer 2A);Aahlaadita wants to know;A) What are the duties and obligations of a corporate officer?(100 word limit);After your response, Aahlaadita asks if there is anything ?higher or more powerful? than the CEO job title (she specifically says, ?Who can fire the CEO? That is what I want to be instead, I think.?) You tell her that if she selects some forms of business organization, there could be a Board of Directors that would have the power to fire (or hire) a CEO. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors would be the leader of this entity.;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (label answer 2B);Aahlaadita asks you;B) For the director of a company, what are their obligations? Who are they loyal to? Are they an agent of any entity?;After you respond, Aahlaadita says to you that she has received a Facebook request from an old boyfriend, Liam! (She says it is so weird how many old friends have contacted her since she posted that she is ?single and looking? and shared some of the pictures of her 4,500 sq. ft. home in Dallas, her new Bentley and her recent vacations on her Facebook page.);She told him a bit about the new business, ?THE POT SPOT!?, and he told her that he has an even better business opportunity with his cousin in China. This opportunity is a new import/export currency trading business in China. Liam says that his cousin is working with ?wealthy Middle Eastern royal family member? who will guarantee returns of 30% per 90 days (which is double whatAdele LaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnoldhave guaranteed with ?THE POT SPOT!? business).;The next day she calls you back and tells you that unfortunately, Liam was in a car accident! He wasdrivingonthefreeway and his2007ChevroletCobalt?justturnedoff? whilehewasdriving ataspeed of approximately 60 miles per hour.Hewashitfrom behindbyanothervehicle(buthis airbags did notdeploy) and heis in stablecondition ata local hospital.;Aahlaadita is distraught! She thinks that Liam ?may be the one she has been waiting for? and that she ?knows this is true love.? Sheasksyou ifyou canpull outyour business books (from DMBA610) andhelpher again.;Shesaysthat shehas read aboutcompanieshavingtorecall automobiles likethe2001FordExplorerduetorollovers (in conjunction with Firestonetires),1978 FordPintoduetofuel tankfires,1987Audi5000 duetorunaway acceleration, andthe2014 GMignition defectrecall of1.6 million cars,etc. She cries toyou, ?Dothese greedy businessexecutiveshaveno heart?Forexample, howcanaGMexecutiveknowaboutadefect thathaskilled over 300 people (asperdata from the National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration) formorethan tenyears(from atleast2001) andkeep quietaboutitinstead of alerting the public and saving lives??;QUESTIONSTO ANSWER(label answer2C);Aahlaaditawants to know;C) As you will bea future corporateofficer(withyour UMUCMBA degree),whenwouldyou issuearecallof a productthatyouhad conclusiveevidencehad injuredorkilled people? Supportyourresponsewithan explanationofthedecisionmakingprocessthatyou would personally apply.;After your response, Aahlaaditatellsyou thatLiam texted her that heis in immensepainfrom thecar accident.Heis askingthehospital nursefora newpainkillerpill thatheheard abouton thenewsthatisfive times strongerthan otherpain pills (such as Vicodin,Lortab, etc.). Hedoesn?tremember thenameof itbutheremembershearingthatitwas debated intheUS Congress forapproval.;Heheardthatononehanditisthestrongestsingle-ingredientopiate(drugs thatmimic theeffectofopium poppysuchasmorphine,oxycodoneand heroin)on themarketin theUS.On theotherhand, therearesafety risksfromthemultiple-ingredientopiates (usuallyin combination with non-addictivepain relievers,such as acetaminophen,which has itsownsafety risks and can resultindeadlyliver damagewhentakenathigh levels).Thus, the new single-ingredient opiate actuallyissaferin thatit doesnot havelivertoxicity risk. It isalso simultaneously moredangerousin thatitis more potent,andisnot tamperresistant(which means itcanbechewed,crushed or dissolved toproducea quick,massive, heroin-likedoesof thedrugwhich can befatal).;Aahlaaditatold Liamnottotakeit.;Sheangrilycriesto you, ?Howcan you supporttheseselfish businesspeople asanMBA student?Allthey care aboutismoney. They don?t careabouthuman livesatall! Do theycare more abouttheir company than they do theentire communityof people atriskof addiction, overdose or death by abusing thenewpill? It wasn?t like this when I was in school for my MBA! People used to have morals and care about each other!;Wait a minute ? Do you think that selling legal drugs at ?THE POT SPOT!? may potentially be a problem? Obviously, I am just a business person like the pharmaceutical company that sells the single-ingredient opiate. Both of these drug sales are legal but are there any other issues I should be aware of (e.g., just because I can sell it, should I)?;I just need ?THE POT SPOT!? to make more money and achieve my personal financial goals. After I get my private plane I am going to start a charitable foundation and help young people be more like me and succeed in life (it is so important to give back).;If I don?t take these deals, someone else will. If it wasn?t for my money, assets and credit, ?THE POT SPOT!? wouldn?t happen at all. Isn?t the saying, ?He who has the gold makes the rules?? I deserve to be rich and I have worked very hard my entire life. Why not me??;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (label each answer 2D, 2E, 2F);Thus, answer the following;D) You are listening to the passion in Aahlaadita?s voice and you start to wonder, isthissingle-ingredient opiate examplea ?rightv. right?type of dilemma asdescribed byBadaracco(2002)?Why orwhynot?Explain.;E) You determinethatyouareproud tobeearning yourMBA (and itis helpingyouassist Aahlaadita)! Youwanttobeableto persuadeher thatbusinesses(and their leaders) area positive socially responsiblepartof modern society. So, you assume therole of theCEO ofthe company selling the single-use opiate.Analyzethe decisionto marketthedrugusing Badaracco?s?right v. right? frameworkfromhisDefining Momentsvideo (2002).Be sureto supportyour views with ethicaltheoryand principles,andinclude allstepsand testsin your response.;F) Isthe decisiontomarket the single-ingredientopiateethical?How about the decision to enter into the marijuana retail business via ?THE POT SPOT?, it is legal but is it ethical? Analyze at least one of these decisions using Bagley?s Ethical Leader?s Decision Tree (Bagley & Savage, 2010, p. 27);(Maximum Limit: 1,000 words total for all parts);END OF QUESTION II;Question III;INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS ?;750 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 15 points);CASE;A few days later you hear from Aahlaadita again (lucky you!). She is very excited as she has potentially big news about another business opportunity!;Aahlaadita received an email for an ?elite opportunity to join the 1% of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.? She said it is just amazing how much ?good fortune? is coming her way! The email said that there is a top secret global conference in Budva, Montenegro in three weeks. This is more exclusive than the public meetings of the ?global elite? that the media already covers in locations like Davos, Switzerland (home of Geneva based annual meeting of The World Economic Forum).;Aahlaadita is giddy with excitement! She has always wanted to be around ?the best of the best? and now organizations that cater to leaders of nations and the wealthiest business owners on the planet are inviting her to take part in their events. The only issue is that due to the exclusivity of these invitations, the email states that she will have to agree to ?invest? $120,000 USD in a ?franchise fee? to be able to join the group and get the details on the exact date and location of the conference. The email explained that to ?keep the right type of people? at these events they are part of a private club that sells franchises by invitation only to those up and coming business leaders and investors that they determine to be high caliber and future global leaders.;Again, Aahlaadita repeated that she wished she had paid more attention in her MBA classes but that it doesn?t matter. She has you to help ?refresh her memory? and she is on her way to be part of the most powerful group of leaders and influencers on the planet!;She tells you that the email had a franchise agreement attached. She was instructed to sign it and after paying the franchise fee in full (wired to a bank account in Russia), she would be admitted to the group and then would be sent the conference official invitation and details.;Her plan is to start a new business that she will own 100% of (no Adele LaToya, no Javier, no Tyrone) and she wants to name the new business ?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut? after her two dogs and turtle. She says that this is ?her time to shine? and that ?it takes money to make money? so she is eager to wire the money to the Russian bank account as soon as possible!;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (label each answer 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3G);A) Aahlaadita wants your business advice regarding how she should protect herself from risks in the event of a dispute in regards to the Montenegrin franchise deal. What do you advise her? (100 word limit);B) Aahlaadita admits that she has never heard of this top secret group meeting in Montenegro (but the email stated that if she ?had heard of them before, they would not be truly elite.?) She says that this makes sense and that she has been visualizing success so she is ready to wire her $120,000 USD to the Russian bank. One little issue is that she has never been to Montenegro (it only became a modern fully independent nation in 2006). She is uneasy about the political situation in the country (based on simply her ?feelings? and no facts). She is concerned that her franchise business assets (she is not sure what those would be at this juncture) could be the subject of expropriation or losses due to any future civil unrest. What advice would you give her to address this possibility (even if it is remote and improbable)? (100 word limit);C) What specific types of provisions do you recommend should be written into the franchise contracts to limit any legal disputes that might arise between the US based franchisee company (?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut?) and the franchisor firm in Montenegro?;D) How would these provisions favor the interests of ?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut??;E) IfAahlaadita follows your advice and includes the provisions you recommend in part (A) in the contracts, does that mean the company will never have to go to court in another country or become familiar with any foreign laws in connection with the business deals in Montenegro?;F) What could happen if the provisions you specified in part (A) were not part of the contract?;G) Aahlaadita tells you that she is slightly concerned that the franchise contract demands her to send her $120,000 USD to the Russian bank first and then they would send her the franchise details, location of the upcoming meeting, share the organization name and ownership information with her, or any other information.;What would you advise ?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut? do to protect their interests (to avoid the risk of paying the franchise fee and then never hearing from the Montenegrin organization again)? (100 word limit);(Limit: 750 words maximum total for all parts);END OF QUESTION III;Question IV;Critical Thinking Review:-;500 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 15 points);CASE;Ten days after the last discussion, Aahlaadita sent you the following email;?Crazy times! HELP!!;I sent the $120,000 USD to the Russian bank for the deal in Montenegro and have not heard from anyone. All of my emails bounce back. I never had a phone number or anything else for the organization. I am now applying for another full time job (in the private sector) to try to raise my income quickly and replace the money I have potentially lost on these business ventures.;AdeleLaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnold had asked me to pay them ?salaries? for six months up front for our planned business, ?THE POT SPOT? so I sent them $48,000 (6 months @ $8,000 per month) and then Liam said his cousin needed my bank account information to ?run a test? for setting up the China import/ export currency trading firm. I gave him the account information he requested. The account had $250,000 USD in it and it was all wired out (to some bank in Iraq).;AdeleLaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake, Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnold and my love Liam have disappeared. Their phone numbers are disconnected, their email addresses bounce back and I am a mess. I am trying not to panic as I know that sometimes it can take a few days for people to receive emails. I cannot believe that my childhood best friend and former boyfriend would be dishonest. They wouldn?t lie to me! But, as of today I am out a total of $418,000 USD.;Like I said, I have to get a new full time job with a higher salary to start replacing the $418,000. I just got this from an HR manager at a firm I applied to a few days ago. You study business issues in your DMBA program so please help me one more time and look at this note below.;---------- Forwarded message ----------;From: HR;Date: Thur, Oct 16, 2014 at 1:01 PM;Subject: Is this a joke?;To:XXX;Ms. Abramovich;Our firm is in receipt of your inquiry about the Vice President of Research and Development position.;The job position and posting that you identified in your communication (the aforementioned job title and position #295-697) requires, ?a minimum of an earned PhD in Nuclear Engineering.? Your resume stated that you hold no engineering degree at all. You noted a bachelor?s degree in Theatre Arts from Mount Holyoke, an MBA from the University of Maryland University College and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix. None of these meet the minimum requirements for the aforementioned job posting. Are you playing a joke? Or, are you an idiot?;You stated in your cover letter that your salary expectations are $275,000 USD annually. You were accurate that the average for this job position and academic background is in the $250,000 range. Yet, you have no executive officer leadership experience in the private sector. You also, again, have no engineering or even engineering related, experience, education or qualifications. Your last full time job paid you $105,500 USD annually and your stated expectation with a new job is to start at $275,000 USD annually? I thought my nephew was the biggest idiot I knew, but I was wrong. Are you drunk or the worst job applicant in the history of the world? I know the answer, you are the worst job applicant in the history of the galaxy. You are entitled, spoiled, and delusional. I am offended by every aspect of your communication with my firm. People like you are ruining this nation. I hope that you are happy that you are destroying America with your ridiculous behavior.;I have been in HR for 30 years and have never witnessed the level of hubris and stu


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