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CSU Global RES500 Week 8 Portfolio Assignment




Select one of the organizations below.;1. CH2M HILL COMPANIES LTD;2. MEDTRONIC INC;3. LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC;You can find historical company financials in the library through LexisNexis and Datamonitor (EBSCOhost) as well as at the SEC.GOV website.;Research this organization using 5-10 credible sources, at least three of them scholarly.;Conduct an analysis of your selected organization's accounting and financial issues per the following elements;1. Describe the company?s organization. Provide key statistics and graphs regarding employees, customers, trading volume, and share price for at least the last three years. At a minimum, provide measures of central tendency and dispersion.;2. What was your organization's stock price over the last three years? Generate a scatter plot with the vertical axis being the price and the horizontal access the time and interpret it. Interpret whether the company's stock price foreshadows any problems or shows only positive gains for the company.;3. What were some of the organization's key financial ratios for the last three years? Interpret them. At a minimum, you should discuss earnings per share, liquidity ratios, debt ratios, return on assets, and return on equity ratios. Interpret what these financials mean and if they are indicative of any problems that the company mmay be experiencing.;4. In your estimation, will this organization be around for awhile or is it destined to fail? What quantitative evidence can you show for your choice? At a minimum, you should discuss the elements of accounting, finance, probability, and statistics that indicate that the organization is either going to last or fail.;Your paper should include discussion and citation of 5-10 credible sources, at least three of them scholarly. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to search for credible and scholarly sources.;Your paper should be 12-15 pages in length, well-written, and formatted per CSU-Global guidelines for APA


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