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Closing Entries. Record the journal entries required on December 31, 2014




Chapter 9 Adjusting and Closing Entries for Governmental Activities, Government-wide Level, Preparation of Government-wide and Major Fund Financial Statements;a. Prior to preparing financial statements at the end of FY 2014, it is necessary to record depreciation expense for the year for governmental activities at the government-wide level.;Based on general capital assets assigned to specific functions, depreciation expense related to equipment and infrastructure is allocated to functions as shown below;Equipment Infrastructure;General Government $ 42,348;Public Safety 220,212;Public Works 84,696 $118,344;Health and Welfare 21,168;Culture and Recreation 55,056;Totals $423,480 $118,344;In addition, depreciation expense for buildings in the amount of $188,000 is allocated to functions according to the percentage of total floor space of buildings used by each function. The Public Works director has provided the following information for the current year;Percentage of Building;Floor Space Used;General Government 20%;Public Safety 35;Public Works 22;Health and Welfare 10;Culture and Recreation 13;Total 100%;Required: [Para. 9-a] Record depreciation expense for the year 2014 in the governmental activities general journal at the government-wide level. Round all amounts to the nearest whole dollar. Verify accuracy of the adjusting entries and post to the general ledger by clicking [Post Entries].;b. Although closing entries were made in each fund in Chapters 4 through 7 of this cumulative problem, they have not yet been recorded at the government-wide level.;Required: Closing Entries. Record the journal entries required on December 31, 2014, to close all temporary accounts for governmental activities at the government-wide level. These entries should also recognize changes in the accounts Net Position?Net Investment in Capital Assets, Net Position?Restricted for Public Safety (see General Fund), Net Position?Restricted for Capital Projects, and Net Position?Restricted for Debt Service. For each account to be closed or reclassified, be sure and click on the check mark for [Closing Entry] and that ?Closing Entries? appears in the [Transaction Description] box. Post the closing entries to the general ledger by clicking on [Post Entries].;Please remember that before closing the City of Smithville, you must click on [File], and [Save/Save As] to save your work. Your work is NOT automatically saved.;b. Use the exportable trial balances used in Chapters 2 through 7 of this problem and export the pre-closing trial balance and post-closing trial balance for governmental activities to prepare all government-wide and fund financial statements that the City of Smithville must present for its basic financial statements to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. (See Illustrations A2-1 through A2-11 of the Reck, Lowensohn, and Wilson textbook for examples of these statements.) We recommend that you use Excel to prepare these financial statements, however, your instructor may want you to do these manually. Since the Solid Waste Disposal Fund is the only fund in the proprietary funds category, you may reprint the statement of net assets, statement of revenues, expenses, and changes in net assets, and the statement of cash flows prepared for the Solid Waste Disposal Fund as the required statements for the proprietary fund basic financial statements, with appropriate changes to the titles of the statements. The information for the Solid Waste Disposal Fund can also be used to complete the Business-type Activities columns of the government-wide financial statements.;(Notes: The City of Smithville is a primary government and has no other organizations for which it is accountable as component units. Also, the FY 2015 financial information for the Street Improvement Debt Service Fund is not included in any of the basic financial statements you are preparing, as the statements you are preparing pertain only to FY 2014.)


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