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Prepare the sales budget for January and February.




3. Mountaineers sells its rock-climbing shoes worldwide. Mountaineers expects to sell 4,000 pairs of shoes for $165 each in January, and 2,000 pairs of shoes for $220 each in February. All sales are cash only.;Requirement;Prepare the sales budget for January and February.;4. Review your results from exercise 3. Mountaineers expects cost of goods sold to average 75% of sales revenue, and the company expects to sell 4,600 pairs of shoes in March for $240 each. Mountaineers? target ending inventory is $18,000 plus 45% of the next month?s cost of goods sold.;Requirement;R1. Use this information and the sales budget prepared in S21-3 to prepare Mountaineers? inventory, purchases, and cost of goods sold budget for January and February.;5. Refer to the Mountaineers? sales budget that you prepared in exercise 3. Now assume that Mountaineers? sales are 20% cash and 80% on credit. Mountaineers? collection history indicates that credit sales are collected as follows;30% of month in sales;60% of month after the sale;7% two months after the sale;3% never collected;6. Mountaineers has $8,600 cash on hand on December 1. The company requires a minimum cash balance of $7,400. December cash collections are $548,600. Total cash payments for December are $563,230.;Requirement;Prepare a cash budget for December. Will Mountaineers need to borrow cash by the end of December?;November sales totaled $386,000 and December sales were $399,500.;Requirement;Prepare a schedule for the budgeted cash collections for January and February.


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