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Begin your post with why a particular specialty area within the larger general field o




Begin your post with why a particular specialty area within the larger general field of psychology might want to study the particular topic you are proposing, before moving on to the details of your proposal (There are multiple specialty areas in psychology about which students learn in the completion of their undergraduate degree program. Our degree's PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology and PSYC102 Professional Careers and Education in Psychology courses cover these but if you need refresher; is an excellent source of information about psychology's areas of specialization).;The following information is required for your proposal (in your post, please place the heading My Research Proposal over this portion for ease of everyone being able to distinguish between the above and your actual proposal);1. Your proposed study's topic and focus;2. Hypothesis (Could be in a form of question or stating the Ho and Ha);3. Population/Participants (also sometimes referred to as "subjects");4. Your proposed sampling method;5. Data gathering method;6. Method of analysis (Qualitative or quantitative method? The type of statistics you would use to analyze gathered data, not stats formula details, but which stats method you would use).;7. An explanation of your study's contribution/s to the field (the benefits to individuals, group's and society as a whole of the study results (using the example above, if we find that public awareness ads are associated with improved changes in attitudes toward the severely mentally ill might we use such study results as a means of advocating for Federal funding for expanding advertizing efforts, or if study results show no to little association between ads and public attitude changes, might we better serve the severely ill by pursuing other means of reducing stigma?)


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