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Why is it important to classify mental disorders?




nswer the following question: (1-2 pages);Why is it important to classify mental disorders?;Thinking Points for answering the Written Assignment question (These points are just to get you thinking);? Things to consider: Why is it important to classify anything? How does it help us?;? For example: Why is it important to classify an abnormal engine sound your car may be making? Or why is it important to classify the types of sore throats?;Be creative!;? Look at the pros and cons of the DSM discussed in the readings.;In general there are pro?s and con?s to the DSM system;Pro;-good summary of mental disorders, some say it is simple to use;-useful for making diagnostic, treatment, and prognosis decisions;-uses empirical data and open discussion to decide controversial diagnoses;-recent editions have used more scientific data;- DSM system uses the most scientific analysis of diagnostic data ever attempted;Con;-some say it is too complicated, too long and not very user-friendly;-controversial diagnoses have been influenced by politics;-no consistent conceptual framework used;-reliability and validity standards may have been compromised;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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