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ACC201 Principles of Financial Accounting ? Financial Analysis




Financial Analysis;Read ATC 9-3 in Chapter 9 and post your analysis of Whirlpool?s acquisition of Maytag. Respond to at least two other students with critiques and challenges to their assertions by the end of Day 7.;Income Statement2005;Year Ending;Dec 2005;Revenue 14.32B;Cost of Revenue 10.83B;Gross Operating Profit 3.49B;Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses 2.20B;Operating Income before D & A (EBITDA) 1.29B;Depreciation & Amortization 442.00M;Total Income Before Interest Expenses (EBIT) 793.00M;Interest Expense 195.00M;Pre-Tax Income 598.00M;Income Taxes 171.00M;Minority Interest 5.00M;Net Income From Continuing Operations 422.00M;Net Income From Total Operations 422.00M;Total Net Income 422.00M Normalized Income;(Net Income From Continuing Operations;Ex. Special Income / Charge) 479.00M;Net Income Available To Common 422.00M;Basic EPS from Continuing Ops. 6.30;Basic EPS from Total Operations 6.30;Basic EPS, Total 6.30;Basic Normalized Net Income/Share 7.15 EPS;fr Continuing Ops. 6.19 EPS;fr Total Ops. 6.19 EPS;Total 6.19 Diluted Normalized Net Inc/Shr;(Net Income From Continuing Operations;Ex. Special Income / Charge) 7.03 Dividends Paid per


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