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Delineate the legal elements required to constitute a crime




1-Delineate the legal elements required to constitute a crime. Describe and give an example of each of the classifications of crime.;2-Explain the three significant methods used to measure the nature and extent of crime. Address the advantages and disadvantages of each method.;3-The defense of ____________________ would be appropriate in a case where a person was rushing to the hospital with an emergency and broke numerous traffic laws along the way. [please fill the blank];4-;Explain the changes that have occurred in the hiring of minority and female officers. What are some of the problems experienced by these two groups of officers?;5-Describe the main components of the contemporary criminal justice system. Include a discussion of the size of the system.;6-In his classic 1969 book, African Americans in Blue, Nicholas Alex pointed out that African American officers of the time suffered from what he called ____________________. [Blank1]


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