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ACC 281 week 4 DQ?s




DQ1);Unlimited life, pooling of resources from anonymous investors and limited liability.;Forming a corporation depends on what kind. Simple LLCs can be formed for under $250 by filling out of Secretary of State form most places. Forming a Bank Holding Company requires multiple levels of licensing and millions in initial capital. Each legal classification of corporation has substantially different requirements for formation, and in the USA there are over 40 legal forms of incorporation.;Chief disadvantage is double taxation for C type (public stock) corporations. Also unrelated business income tax can complicate issues as well as corporations have higher baseline maintenance costs than do pass-through entities.;DQ2);Identification;Preferred shares have a ?preferred? claim on assets over common shares. Simply put, in the event of bankruptcy, the proceeds of any liquidation goes to preferred stockholders first. When the company is solvent, preferred stock owners enjoy priority status in payment of dividends. Missed preferred dividend payments


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