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Financial Statements ACC/290




With the business now a day, no matter what their size or their scale is, they all relay on the accounting because it?s a tool to make sound of the economic decisions they make. The purpose of this accounting is to help show the financial health of the business, but through a series of the financial reports or even the statements (Weygandt, p.4, 2008). The statements show company?s revenue that has been obtained on what their company has been spending their money on. All the company?s statements are prepared by people that are qualified and they are, The Certified Public Accountants, The CPAs, and now according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (?Quickmba?, 1999-2010).;There are four basic financial statements steps that we use in a business accounting. They are all prepared in specific order. This would be because the information is needed to populate previous


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