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What is a survey? What is the purpose of a survey?




What is a survey? What is the purpose of a survey? Give examples of types of surveys or particular surveys used in psychological research.;2. Describe the main steps in developing and administering a survey.;3. Why is sampling important in survey research?;4. What types of statistical analyses are typically used with survey data? Why?;5. How is a survey similar to and different from a scale? (This question draws on your knowledge from PSY7105.);6. Create a research question that will allow you to contribute to psychological theory (use your learning from PSY7103). Draw on the ideas and examples in the Gaines, Kuklinski, and Quirk (2007) and Ladd (2010) articles, which address the use of surveys in experiments, to sketch a design of a study that uses a survey to answer your question. Explain how the question yields evidence that contributes to theory and how the design allows you to answer the question. Identify the variables you will manipulate (independent and mediator or moderator) and how you will select your sample. The design must be doable (but not necessarily practical) and the question and theory may be entirely your invention.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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