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ACC 290 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Financial Reporting Problem, Part 2




Financial Reporting Problem, Part II;ACC/290;University of Phoenix;Financial Reporting Problem, Part II;PepsiCo is a highly known beverage distributor. The cola started in the late 1800s in a drugstore, and its original name was ?Brad?s Drink.? In 1898, cola introduced ?Brad?s Drink? to the market. Then, later change the name to Pepsi. It is a large company that has numerous assets and liabilities. Many investors and creditors would be willing to work with this company because they run a good business.;Currents assets are very significant to companies like PepsiCo. In the balance sheet, ?current assets are assets that a company expects to convert to cash or use up within one year or its operating cycle, whichever is longer. For most businesses, the cut off for classification as current assets is one year from the balance sheet date? (Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, 2011, p. 49). The company can use these assets


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