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ACC 400 Wk1 comparing and contrasting current and noncurrent assets ? 735 words (APA Format + References)




Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper;ACC/400 ? Week One;Instructor?s Name;Introduction;Current and non-current assets are important items to evaluate a balance sheet. The following paper evaluates the meaning and differences between current and non-current assets. In addition to that, the paper will describe the order of liquidity and its application in a balance sheet.;A company?s balance sheet includes both current and non-current assets. The current assets are defined as the total sum of;Cash and cash equivalents ? Cash in hand or cash at bank;Accounts receivables ? Amount that is expected to be collected from the customers within the current accounting cycle;Inventory ? Goods or material in-stock or under processing which can be sold and converted into cash;Marketable securities ? Very liquid securities that can be converted into cash within a short period of time, example commercial


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