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On a scale of 1-10, with 1 equaling ?love it,? and 10 equaling ?hate it,? rate your feelings about speaking in front of groups. Explain your reasons for this rating.(3) I enjoy speaking about topics that inspire or teaches others. When I began speaking to others about something that I feel extremely passionate about, I want to bring people into my train of thought and gather and hold their attention until they feel the same way about that specific subject as I do. When people leave my group session, they will know that I am an excellent orator.;What type of public speaking, if any, makes you uncomfortable?;The only time that I feel uncomfortable speaking, is when I am unprepared. Meaning, that I have not been given adequate time or materials. So I guess I would say the only type of public speaking hat I would be uncomfortable with is unprepared public speaking. I have no actual issues about speaking in the presence of a lot of people or a group of a few.


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