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Kudler Fine Foods Brief;We are proud to have the opportunity to recommend accounting information system (AIS) changes for Kudler Fine Foods, our valued client. This brief will outline thought processes and analysis regarding four pieces of the information chain found within Kudler: payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory.;Initially, we needed to determine the type of system we recommend, whether Kudler would best be served by an industry-specific system or a customized one. After careful consideration, we believe a system based on the restaurant/food industry would be best. We based our recommendation the following key factors;Kudler has an intricate chart of accounts which is food-item specific.;Kudler has a multiple-site purchasing issue, which also lends itself to a chain-restaurant style system, where bulk ordering can be split and recorded effectively between stores.;Kudler has a need for real-time sales updates to the inventory


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