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System Integrity and Validation ACC/542 Accounting Information Systems




Preface;This brief is a summary of the work done for our client, Kudler Fine Foods, and our recommendations for the audit process, the automation of Kudler?s current processes beyond their current databases, as well as a look at Kudler?s internal control and risk evaluation. Kudler has an intricate chart of accounts as well as multiple sites, so a comprehensive look at their systems is in order.;To increase the efficiency of Kudler Fine Foods accounting and business processes, an effective accounting information system and required changes will be recommended in the brief to follow. The areas requiring change will include updates on the payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory processes. Flow charts will be included as well to provide further understanding of how the processes interrelate and flow within the company?s operations.;Internal controls and risk evaluation are a top concern


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