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ACC 561 Week 1 individual paper Select an American corporation




Solution;Walmart;Annual Report2013;Save Money ? Live Better;Annual report of Walmart is available on the website of the company, and has been downloaded for out study.;The information collected from the annual report are as under;Net Income: The net income of the company for the current fiscal year is $27,801 million. This year net income has increased from last year (2012) net income of $26,558 million. There is a continuous increase in net income from the year 2009. The trend of increase in net income can be seen as below;Year Net Income Percentage;2009 22,767 100;2010 24,002 105;2011 25,542 112;2012 26,558 117;2013 27,801 122;This information is very useful for the investors. Any investor will like to invest in the company, which is growing and earning profits. No one will invest in a losing company. If the investor has given a loan, he will like to see his returns (interest) to be safe.


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