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I am new to this site and I did not know that someone chose to help me. I would like to get this answered. Please let me know if you have chosen to complete this assignment.,I have one last multiple choice assignment that needs to be done by wednesday. I can include in tip. Please see attached.,4. Marcye Co. manufactures office furniture. During the most productive month of the year, 3,500 desks were manufactured at a total cost of $84,400. In its slowest month, the company made 1,100 desks at a cost of $46,000. Using the high-low method of cost estimation, total fixed costs are: a. $56,000 b. $28,400 c. $17,600 d. Cannot be determined from the data given 5. Given the following cost and activity observations for Taco Company?s utilities, use the high-low method to calculate Taco?s variable utilities costs per machine hour. Cost Machine Hours May $8,300 15,000 June $10,400 20,000 July $7,200 12,000 August $9,500 18,000 a. $10.00 b. $.60 c. $.40 d. $.52 7. Zeke Company sells 25,000 units at $21 per unit. Variable costs are $10 per unit, and fixed costs are $75,000. The contribution margin ratio and the unit contribution margin are: a. 47% and $11 per unit b. 53% and $7 per unit c. 47% and $8 per unit d. 52% and $11 per unit 8. If fixed costs are $750,000 and variable costs are 80% of sales, what is the break-even point in sales dollars? a. $937,500 b. $525,000 c. $3,750,000 d. $1,275,000 9. If fixed costs are $700,000 and the unit contribution margin is $14, what amount of units must be sold in order to realize an operating income of $100,000? a. 5,000 b. 41,667 c. 57,143 d. 58,333 10. When management seeks to achieve personal departmental objectives that may work to the detriment of the entire company, the manager is experiencing. a. Budgetary slack b. Padding c. Goal conflict d. Cushions 11. For January, sales revenue is $700,000; sales commissions are 5% of sales; the sales manager?s salary is $96,000; advertising expenses are $90,000; shipping expenses total 2% of sales; and miscellaneous selling expenses are $2,100 plus ? of 1% of sales. Total selling expenses for the month of January are: a. $157,100 b. $240,600 c. $183,750 d. $182,100 12. At the beginning of the period, the Cutting Department budgeted direct labor of $155,000, direct material of $165,000 and fixed factory overhead of $15,000 for 9,000 hours of production. The department actually completed 10,000 hours of production. What is the appropriate total budget for the department, assuming it uses flexible budgeting? a. $416,000 b. $370,556 c. $368,889 d. $335,000 13. Motorcycle Manufacturers, Inc. projected sales of 76,000 machines for 2010. The estimated January 1, 2010, inventory is 6,500 units, and the desired December 31, 2010, inventory is 7,000 units. What is the budgeted production (in units) for 2010? a. 75,500 b. 66,000 c. 76,500 d. 65,000 14. As of January 1 of the current year, the Grackle Company had account receivables of $50,000. The sales for January, February, and March of 2009 were as follows: $120,000, $140,000 and $150,000. 20% of each month?s sales are for cash. Of the remaining 80% (the credit sales), 60% are collected in the month of sale, with remaining 40% collected in the following month. What is the total cash collected (both from accounts receivable and for cash sales) in the month of January? a. 74,000 b. 110,000 c. 71,600 d. 131,600 15. The Lucy Corporation purchased and used 129,000 board feet of lumber in production, at a total cost of 1,548,000. Original production had been budgeted for 22,000 units with a standard material quantity of 5.7 board feet per unit and a standard price of $12 per board foot. Actual production was 23,500 units. Compute the material price variance. a. 0 b. 59,400U c. 59,400F d. 6,000U 16. The following data relate to direct labor costs for the current period: Standard costs 7,500 hours at $11.50 Actual costs 6,000 at $12.00 What is the direct labor time variance? a. $3,000 favorable b. $15,000 unfavorable c. $2,400 favorable d. $17,250 favorable 17. The standard factory overhead rate is $10 per direct labor hour ($8 for variable factory overhead and $2 for fixed factory overhead) based on 100% capacity of 30,000 direct labor hours. The standard cost and the actual cost of factory overhead for the production of 5,000 units during May were follows: Standard: 25,000 hours at $10 $250,000 Actual: Variable factory overhead $202,500 Fixed factory overhead $60,000 What is the amount of the factory overhead volume variance? a. 12,500 favorable b. 10,000 unfavorable c. 12,500 unfavorable d. 10,000 favorable 18. Division X reported income from operations of $975,000 and total service department charges of $575,000. Therefore: a. Net income was $400,000 b. The gross profit margin was $400,000 c. Income from operations before service department charges was 1,550,000 d. Consolidated net income was 400,000 19. Avery Corporation had $275,000 in invested sales of $330,000, income from operations amounting to $49,500 and a desired minimum rate of return of 7.5%. The rate of return on investment for Avery Corporation is: a. 8% b. 10% c. 18% d. 7.5% 20. The Eastern Division of Kentucky Company has a rate of return on investment of 28% and a profit margin of 20%. What is the investment turnover? a. 3.6 b. 1.4 c. 5.0 d. .7


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