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Case study for Accounting due tomorrow at 3pm can...




Case study for Accounting due tomorrow at 3pm can you take a look at this and help to complete the missing items,Hi, I don't see all of the missing parts of this there appears to be no evaluations in e it says not only tables but a written explination of this. for C,D and E c. A summary of each financial statement i. Take each statement and state the key parts in words. Tell a story from each of the financial statements. For example, for the income statement, the story starts like, ?Total Revenues in 2010 were $10 billion, while Cost of Goods Sold were $8 billion, leaving a gross profit margin of $2 billion, or 20 percent of total revenues?.After taking out interest and taxes from EBIT, the net income was $0.5 billion, or 5 percent of total revenues.? d. Ratio calculation (five major types of ratios, See Chapter 3) i. Organization this section based on the FIVE types of ratios listed in the text book. Calculate the ratios from the financial statements in part c above using Excel or your calculator and present them in a table. e. Comparison of ratios with industry averages (find industry averages online) i. Find industry financial ratios online (eg. and compare your corporation?s ratios to these industry ratios. ii. Present your results following the five types of ratios discussed in part d. iii. A table with both corporation and industry ratios is required. You must also compare the ratios in words. Do NOT just give me a table. Thank you,can you tell me when this will be reevaluated,Thank you,Around how long I am under a missed deadline, so I only have an extention for about 2 more hours. Can you tell me how long, because that is a big section not answered.


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